Father’s day reflections

We hear inspiring accounts from prominent voices, shedding light on the impact their fathers have had on moulding their character and ambitions

On Father’s Day, we take a heartfelt journey through the memories and wisdom shared by notable icons about their relationships with their fathers. From the realms of acting to artistry, each individual offers a glimpse into the impact their fathers have had on their lives.

Priyanka Aelay: Artistic heritage

Priyanka Aelay, known for her expressive artworks, attributes her artistic talents to her father’s innate creativity. “The artistic gene runs deep in my family, and my father passed down his passion for art to me,” she says. She credits him for instilling in her a profound appreciation for drawing and the meticulous craft of line work, which have become defining elements of her artistic style. Recalling her fondest memories, Priyanka reminisces about the enriching journeys she shared with her father. “We’ve travelled together extensively, attended art shows, and engaged in deep discussions about our mutual passion. Travelling with him taught me invaluable life lessons and expanded my artistic perspective.”

Reflecting on her father’s wisdom, Priyanka says, “He always stresses the importance of consistency and commitment to our craft,” she reveals. His steadfast encouragement has been a guiding force in her artistic journey, inspiring her to maintain discipline and strive for continuous growth in her artistry. “His teachings continue to resonate with me, influencing my approach to art and life,” Priyanka affirms gratefully.

Nandita Das: Inheriting a legacy of creativity

Nandita Das, celebrated for her performances and social activism, reflects on her father’s enduring influence. “I’ve inherited quite a few traits from my father,” she muses. “Impulsive, spontaneous, creative, restless—I see these qualities as part of my genetic makeup, passed down from him or absorbed subconsciously.”

She fondly remembers the childhood summers, “Every summer holiday for the first 25 years of my life, he took us (my brother and I) to Baripada, his hometown in Odisha for the family gatherings. My cousins and I were out all day on the farm, to the river, the pond…and he was like Santa, getting us nice goodies.”

Her father’s creativity also left a lasting impression. “He would often design my clothes when I was a kid. There was a corduroy dungaree he got made that had many coloured buttons in front. I loved it! He is an amazing cook who made eclectic food that could be found nowhere except in his kitchen.”

Turning to her father’s wisdom, Nandita shares, “The best fatherly advice that I follow and will always treasure — ‘Enjoy the journey and commit to it fully. Destination is incidental.’ For me too, the journey has always been more important than the goal. It irks others sometimes but gives more meaning and joy to one’s life.”

Lakshmi Manchu: Embodying discipline and resilience

Lakshmi Manchu attributes her strong sense of discipline and resilience to her father’s profound influence. “My father's disciplined lifestyle and early morning routines have deeply shaped my approach to life,” Lakshmi reflects warmly. His commitment to meticulous planning and hard work has served as a guiding principle throughout her career and personal journey.

Among her most cherished memories are the moments spent with her father at the dining table. “I treasure the times when my father would prepare and share meals with me,” the actress recalls fondly.

“There was a time when I faced deep emotional turmoil,” she reveals. “His words in Telugu, ‘Jeevitam inte anukunte narakam. Jeevitam ento anukunte swargam,’ which translates to ‘Life is what you perceive it to be. If you see it as hell, it will be hell. If you see it as heaven, it will be heaven,’ have been a guiding light for me.” These profound words continue to uplift her spirits during difficult moments, offering a perspective that inspires hope and resilience.

Pratik Gandhi: Cherished memories

For actor Pratik Gandhi, simplicity and humility are values deeply rooted in his father’s legacy. “My father instilled in me a love for simplicity that remains fundamental in my life,” Gandhi reflects warmly. He treasures memories of his father’s warm touch and the genuine happiness in his smile whenever he said, ‘I am happy.’ “Even though he’s no longer physically present, these memories of his affection and joy define my life,” Gandhi shares.

His father’s ability to find contentment in life’s simplest joys left an indelible mark. “He taught me that true happiness comes from within and from treasuring moments with loved ones,” Gandhi adds thoughtfully. These lessons in simplicity and appreciation have shaped his perspective both personally and professionally.

Reflecting on his father’s advice, Gandhi continues, “He always encouraged me to follow my passions and to treat everyone with kindness.” These words have guided his journey in cinema and life, influencing not just his career choices but also his interactions with others.

Sriram Adittya: Child is father of the man

Being a father has taken me to the most lovely stage of my life. Nothing warms you more than seeing your small boy run up to you and hug you with affection when you return home. Vikram is my biggest stress reliever. We both enjoy films and dancing, and directing him in Manamey was the most memorable experience, and he has made me proud as a father and filmmaker. Shooting with him was always enjoyable. He is a bundle of energy and the most spoiled child on the set. My wife and I have always encouraged him to pursue his own interests. My father has always been the best example of a great parent to me, and now that I am a father myself, I understand him even more.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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