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This Desi workout, popular among celebrities, strengthens the arms, promotes digestion, stimulates the reproductive organs, and increases the flexibility of the back and hamstrings

Shilpa Shetty recently posted a video on Instagram in which she was seen performing a strenuous exercise called exercising the chakki. “Going back to your roots and working the actual chakki also gives you immense respect for the people who do it regularly. No wonder the Chakki Chalanasana strengthens the arms, improves digestion, stimulates the reproductive organs, and increases the flexibility of the back and hamstring muscles,” she posted.

Shilpa is not alone, Malaika Arora does this asana to tone abdominal muscles, improve digestion. She shared a video of herself on Instagram doing a variation of Chakki Chalanasana, which she said “tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles, improves digestion, promotes mental clarity and relieves stress.”

Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, founder, Akshar Yoga Institutions, describes it as, “A dynamic yoga asana with lots of health benefits such as strengthening the abdominal organs, improving the function of reproductive organs, improving the function of digestive systems, preventing back pain, reducing abdominal fat, relieving menstrual issues, and increasing blood circulation.”

Yoga & wellness coach Rina Hindocha explains how to do Chakki Chalanasana, and its benefits.

Many yoga instructors promote the Chakki Chalanasana asana, commonly known as the Grinding pose, due to its significant core strengthening advantages. “This pose is based on the grinding motion used by ancient women with a hand-operated flour mill known as a chakki. Women, generally farmers’ wives or domestic helpers, performed this daily repetitive action to prepare flour, which served as both a culinary need and a kind of physical activity. This grinding activity helped them retain their core strength and overall fitness,” says Rina.

The pose honours this ancient practice by combining the circular grinding motion into a yoga asana, which provides similar advantages such as core strength and flexibility.

Moving the grinding wheel

1 Sit on the yoga mat with your legs diagonally wider in front of you, creating a V-shape.

2 Extend your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the ground. Interlace your fingers with palms facing outward.

3 Inhale deeply and stretch your spine.

4 Exhale and hinge at the hips, lowering your torso to the floor while keeping your arms parallel to the ground.

5 Keep your spine straight and engage your core muscles while lowering your torso.

6 Hold the position for a few breaths after reaching maximum range of motion or feeling a stretch in your hamstrings and lower back.

7 Inhale and slowly bring your torso back to the beginning position, keeping your arms parallel to the ground.

8 Repeat the exercise numerous times, matching your breath with your body’s movements.

Precautions & Contraindications:

Avoid this position if you have a back, hip, or shoulder injury, either recent or chronic.

Pregnant women should consult a competent yoga instructor or healthcare provider before attempting this position.

If experiencing pain or discomfort during a yoga practice, check with an instructor for modifications or alternative poses.


1 Core Strengthening: Circular motion of the body works abdominal muscles like obliques, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominis, strengthening and toning the core.

2 Improved Digestion: The twisting motion stimulates abdominal organs, aiding digestion and alleviating discomfort.

3 Spinal Flexibility:Chakki Chalanasana’s rotating action improves spinal flexibility and mobility, reducing back stiffness and stress.

4 Stress Reduction: Practicing this position mindfully with focused breathing helps reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

5 Energy Flow: Circular torso movement promotes energy flow (prana) throughout the body, leading to increased vitality and well-being.

6 Hip Flexor Stretch: This position stretches the tight hip flexors caused by prolonged sitting, improving mobility and reducing stiffness.

7 Improves concentration: The asana requires coordination, which promotes attention and presence.

Conclusion: Yoga experts advocate the Chakki Chalanasana stance for its core strengthening and overall health advantages. “By including this pose into your yoga routine, you can boost your physical strength, flexibility, digestion, and mental health. Practice thoughtfully, listen to your body, and reap the benefits of this empowering pose,” sums up Rina.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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