We keep sending each other funny memes: Chhetri on conversations with Kohli

Hyderabad: The camaraderie between two greatest Indian sports stars-- team India's former cricket and football captains Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri is well known.

Both top players openly support and back each other, they have appeared together for quite a few interviews and talk shows as well. In a funny instance, Virat even identified Chhetri in a blind-fold. Calling him a lovely guy, Kohli said Chhetri messaged him informing about his retirement decision before announcing.
Their friendship has become a topic of discussion on social media recently after some interesting revelations by Chhetri during a YouTube podcast. When YouTuber Raj Shamani decided to ask Sunil Chhetri about his conversations with Kohli, he said "Virat shares a lot of funny memes to him on social media." This has erupted the internet with a meme festival.
Chhetri said, "Majority of them are food and funny memes, some funny memes he sends and I send them back, that majority. Sometimes we talk about life. The best thing is we talk very often and the best thing is when I tell him something and he says I understand. Seeing him let it go after the finals felt really nice. Because I genuinely like him, forget that he is Virat Kohli, the whole world knows him."
Answering on Why Indians watch cricket more, Chhetri said, "Because you only pick the best quality, when someone has the option to watch Mbappe and Messi why would you watch ISL. There is no competition when you compare any sport with football."

Meanwhile, Chhetri announced his retirement from international football recently, while Kohli hung up his boots in international T20s after the T20 World Cup victory.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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