Raids on IPL 2023 betting dens in Hyderabad yield Rs 4.43 crore since March 31

HYDERABAD: Ever since this year’s edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) began on March 31, sleuths from the three police commissionerates have arrested 54 organisers involved in betting and seized over Rs 4.43 crore and around 140 mobile phones from their possession.

Most of the organisers and punters took to IPL betting after losing money in gambling, satta and matka, reliable sources said here on Monday.

The newcomers have taken full advantage after spectators were permitted to carry their mobile phones into the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium (RGICS) at Uppal on match days.

New gangs of interstate operators are sending their members as spectators to RGIC, who use over 30 cricket online apps to provide match updates instantly. That capitalise on the time gap of 20 to 70 seconds that is taken to telecast a live match via satellite, sources disclosed.

In a fraction of seconds, the organisers, who not only operate from the city and suburbs but also abroad, are minting crores, said Mohan Das and Shiva, who earlier were betting organisers.

An April 11 report published in Deccan Chronicle ‘IPL has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for betting organizers and punters’ energized the special police teams into tracking all illegal betting racketeers and syndicates.

Striking it rich

April 10: SOT Cyberabad arrest five of betting gang in three raids, seize Rs 1.84 crore cash and infrastructure.

April 13: Mangalhat police arrest two persons from a house in Jali Hanuman, seize Rs 41, 500 cash.

April 15: LB Nagar SOT, Chaitanyapuri arrest, seize Rs 20 lakh, freeze bank account with Rs 1.42 crore.

April 26: South zone task force, Tappachabutra police raid house, arrest five, seize Rs 3.02 lakh.

April 9: SOT Shamshabad arrest gang of seven, seize Rs 1.12 lakh.

May 12: LB Nagar SOT, Pahadi Shareef police raid apartment at Sriram Nagar Colony, arrest three, recover Rs 4.9 lakh.

April 30: Mangalhat police raid den at Amar Nagar Colony, arrested two organisers, seized Rs 3. 48 lakh.

April 19: West zone task force raids house in Venkateswaranagar, Jaiguda, arrests four, seizes Rs 2.8 lakh and seven mobile phones.

April 6: LB Nagar SOT raids house in Satyanagar Colony, Vanasthalipuram, arrests seven, seizes Rs 56 lakh.

March 31: North zone raids lodge at Begum Bazaar, arrests three, seize Rs 1.13 lakh cash.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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