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Kickboxing away to fame

Deccan Chronicle| Sashidhar Adivi

Published on: June 27, 2018 | Updated on: June 27, 2018

Mancherial girl Kandula Mounika did India proud by winning medals at an international kickboxing event recently.

Kandula Mounika

Kandula Mounika

When 10-year-old Kandula Mounika took up kickboxing, little did she know she’d become the first girl from Telangana to win gold and bronze medals at the recently concluded IX World Cup Diamond Kickboxing. The girl from Mancherial district was initially motivated by her teachers to pursue kickboxing and karate, both of which she has been mastering since then.

Reflecting on her win at Russia, Mounika says, "It’s a proud moment! To be able to pull off such a big victory, especially against the odds, really leaves me feeling satisfied," adding, "I felt the jitters before the final match but I guess my ability to hold my nerve saw me through."

This victory takes her tally of gold medals to 18, apart from two silver and seven bronze medals. "I dedicate this win to my family and all those who have supported me," she states.

She also shares her secret to success, "I used to practise for six hours a day (three hours in the morning and three in the evening) for over two months as part of the preparations for the tournament. I am glad that these intense training sessions under my coach Bharat Kumar are yielding results."

But success hasn’t come easily to this young woman who talks about how she was discouraged from taking up sports in her childhood. "Being a girl, I received a lot of criticism for picking up such a sport. My friends and others asked me to quit, but I took everything in my stride. My parents believed in my ability and constantly encouraged me," reveals Mounika, who is pursuing intermediate second year.

One challenge she continues to face is balancing studies and her passion. "It is very tough! The hours of practise take a toll on my body physically. I literally used to relinquish studies at times. But after a breather, I would focus on studies again."

A black belt holder, Mounika next eyes the Asian Championship. "This victory in the World Cup has boosted my confidence. I shall continue to strengthen my efforts with a renewed spirit," she says.

Meanwhile, celebrations at her hometown of Bellampalli, where she was felicitated by sub-collector Rahul Raj, are on in full swing.

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