IRL: No race, and whole lot of pain

The organisers failed to keep the spectators informed about the proceedings even as the races kept getting postponed

Hyderabad: Organisers of the Indian Racing League seemed to have taken a cue from Hyderabadis who are famous for saying “abbich paanch minit mein aaroon (I’ll be there in 5 minutes)” — which usually is an eternity —and took their own sweet time to begin proceedings of the fourth round of races here on Saturday.

Though limited in numbers, the audience who came to witness fast cars racing were left disappointed as the qualifier was once again postponed due to “unforseen conditions.”

Though the organisers tried to fix the loose ends that were evidently seen in the first round held on November 19 and 20, they cleared failed to do so. There was no coordination between the organisers, policemen and the private security personnel yet again, creating confusion for spectators.

Spectators were left to themselves to find their designated entry gates and seating. They only got to see the free practice as the qualifying events scheduled for the day were postponed due to reasons dubbed by the organisers as “unforeseen.”

Despite organising screens and speakers at the stands, the organisers failed to keep the spectators informed about the proceedings even as the races kept getting postponed. Meanwhile some spectators complained about the “rude” behaviour of the police who were clueless about what was happening.

Racing enthusiasts who came with a lot of anticipation were a disappointed lot as the high headed organisers did not bother to inform the spectators about the postponement.

Spectators were also told by some ill-informed volunteers that the passes they had purchased for Saturday would be valid for Sunday as well, as none of the races were held.

The overall conduct of the event was shoddy despite having improved arrangements, much to the disappointment of those who went to the event. It remains to be seen if the event will be held in a better way on Sunday.

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“We waited a lot for such an event, but the execution was poor. These events should be planned better.
Prasanna Kumar, IT professional

“We were clueless about what was happening. The organisers failed again. Even the volunteers knew nothing.”
Haritha, Private company employee

“I came here with my son in the morning, not a single race happened. There were no food stalls, we were not allowed to bring food from outside. Nobody gave any information, it was a complete failure.”
Dr Azhar, Medical professional

“I came with a lot of anticipation to see the race but only the free practice session was held and no information was given to us. I’m disappointed.” Hamim, Motorsport enthusiast

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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