50-50 chance of wild card: Mary Kom

Indian star M.C. Mary Kom remains hopeful of a ticket to the Summer Games pitting her chances at 50-50'.

Bengaluru: After failing to book her spot for Rio Olympics through the qualifiers and hoping for entry through wildcard sought by the federation, Indian star MC Mary Kom remains hopeful of a ticket to the summer extravaganza citing her chances as ‘50-50’.

“We’ll know this month perhaps. IOA and adhoc committee has tried and if it works out I will be very happy. And if it doesn’t, then it wasn’t in my hands. It’s 50-50. I am still doing my work out and I am hoping for the chance so I will continue to do all the work and maintain my fitness. Let’s see what happens,” said the boxer who was in the city as brand ambassador for CP foods.

While it’s no longer in the veteran boxer’s hand, she has no regrets as she believes that she did her best. “I gave my best. Unfortunately we all know that in boxing sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The bout was very close. It thought I won and she thought she did. But I gave my best,” she remarked.

The flag-bearer for Indian women’s boxing also revealed that the lack of boxing federation in the country, the sport now being under an ad-hoc committee, has affected the boxers.

“The lack of a federation has been a disadvantage. We want the issue to be sorted as soon as possible and get the Federation in place. It will be good for the sport and for the upcoming youngsters also. In international events, our flags are not hoisted. No Indian flag, only an AIBA flag. It’s a bit upsetting. What’s the point of competing in an international tournament? Even if we bring gold, the flag doesn’t go up,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, the Manipuri boxer was quite taken in with the decision to allow professional boxers into the Olympics, a breakaway ruling that has gone against the established order.

“It’s good, the competition will be better. The professionals will also follow Olympic rules so the competition will be better and everyone will improve,” she stated.

‘Ali was my inspiration’
Mary also paid tribute to the inspirational Muhammad Ali, who passed away last Friday.

“Muhammad Ali is my hero and will be my hero forever. I am sad that he is no more and all of us boxers, we miss him. It’s a big loss for us. We are inspired by him. In my career, he was my inspiration just like for most of us. Victory and defeat will happen but his confidence, aggression and strong mentality is what stands out for me,” she signed off.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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