State athletic championship: Sanjay CJ sizzles on Day 3

In the girls' section, Mayuri Lingaraj stopped the clock at 30.59 seconds in the 50M butterfly event set a new state record.

Bengaluru: Sanjay CJ stole the show on the Day Three of the State sub-junior and junior athletic championship by snaring two state records to his name with an inspired show in the pool.

At the Dolphin Aquatics on Friday, Sanjay clocked record times in 400M and 100M freestyle (Group II) events. In the 400M event, the Dolphin Aquatics trainee stopped the clock at 4:13.19 seconds to better the time of 4:21.52 seconds set by Aaron D’souza a decade prior. In the second event, Sanjay bettered his own record from last year, and clocked time faster than the national mark, with an effort of 55.03 seconds.

Meanwhile, Vidith S Shankar also claimed a state record in the 50M breaststroke (Group IV) with a time of 39.98 seconds, shattering Rohan D’souza’s 20-year-old record of 40.61 seconds.

In the girls’ section, Mayuri Lingaraj stopped the clock at 30.59 seconds in the 50M butterfly event set a new state record.

Results: (winners only)
Boys: Group I: 400M FS: 1. Rahul M (BAC) 4:17.71, 50M BR: 1. Pruthvik DS (BAC) 32.08, 200M BS: 1. Hemanth Jenukal VB (GSC) 2:20.38, 100M FS: 1. Rahul M (BAC) 55.99; 50M Fly: 1. Chandru (BAC) 27.35; 4x200M: 1. BAC ‘A’ 8:34.63
Group II: 400M FS: 1. Sanjay CJ (DA) 4:13.19 (SR 4:13.19 secs, OR: Aaron D’souza 2006 4:21.52 secs), 50M BR: 1. P Kushal (DA) 33.35, 200M BS: 1. Karan Srinivas (PAC) 2:24.10, 100M FS: 1. Sanjay CJ (Dolphin) 55.03 (NR, SR: 55.22, Sanjay); 50M Fly: 1. Prasidha Krishna PA (Global) 28.66
Group III: 100M BS: 1. Kapil Shetty (DA) 1:11.14, 50M FS: 1. Shoan Ganguly (DA) 28.94, 50M fly: Shoan Ganguly (Dolphin) 30.47
Group IV: 50M BR: 1. Vidith S Shankar (DA) (SR 39.98 secs, OR: Rohan D’souza, 40.61 secs, 1996)
Group I: 400M FS: 1. Preksha HM (BAC) 4:47.26, 50M BR: 1. Riddhi S Bohra (PAC) 37.36, 200M BS: 1. Jhanati Rajesh (BAC) 2:37.41, 100M FS: 1. Damini K Gowda (BAC) 1:00.83; 50M Fly: 1. Damini Gowda (BAC) 30,00; 4x200M: BAC ‘A’ 9:40.22
Group II: 400M FS: 1. Khushi Dinesh (BAC) 4:51.57, 50M BR: 1. Pratiksha Patel (DA) 37.51, 200M BS: 1. Sunaina Manjunath (BAC) 2:44.20, 100M FS: 1. Mayuri Lingaraj (BAC) 1:02.19; 50M Fly: 1. Mayuri Lingaraj (BAC) 30.48 (NR, OR: 30.59, Shubha C)
Group III: 100M BS: 1. Nina Venkatesh (DA) 1:15.90, 50M FS: 1. Vaishnavi P (BAC) 31.17, 50M Fly: 1. Nina Venkatesh (Dolphin) 32.21
Group IV: 50M BR: V Hitaishi (VAC) 44.91 secs.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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