This WWE superstar says that she’s tired of Becky, Charlotte; read to know who, why

Bayley has had problem with all the saga between the current WWE Raw and Smackdown champion, and the former Smackdown Champion.

Mumbai: A report by the Sportkeeda states that for the past few months WWE superstar Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey have been headling the main events. Especially, after Becky Lynch winning the main event of Wrestlemania 35, ‘The Man’ has been describing how much she has been underestimated. Lynch has been straight to the point that for a long time she had been living under the shadows of the former eight time champion, Charlotte Flair.

But now since Lynch is out of Flair’s shadow, she is now planning to look forward, and be focused on defending her Raw and Smackdown title.

However no matter who maybe in the spotlight, there’s one WWE superstar who has had problem with all the saga between the current WWE Raw and Smackdown champion, and the former Smackdown Champion.

After ‘The Queen’ ambushed former WWE Raw, and current SmackDown Live Superstar Bayley and Becky Lynch, the one-time WWE Raw Champion in a special backstage interview stated that she is tired of hearing, and seeing Becky and Flair always headling the main events every time. The ex-tag team partner of ‘The Boss’, Sasha Banks said that she is now ready to head in to the spotlight by winning the Money In The Bank match.

In a Superstar Shake-up edition of SmackDown Live, Bayley joined the blue brand. However, since Bayley’s arrival, she has been trying hard to be the number one contender for the SmackDown Live Women's Title. Unfortunately, Bayley squandered her opportunity to be the #1 contender's match against Charlotte Flair. Nevertheless Bayley will now featuring in the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder match to get a future shot at the title.

Charlotte flashed past the ring to put salt on the wounds after Bayley and Becky got into a personal brawl. Soon after the brawl, Bayley shared her opinions on her feelings on being the scapegoat of Charlotte and Becky's feud.

I'm so sick of everything being about Charlotte and Becky. And I respect both of them, we have been through so much together. But when I was on Raw, all I saw was Becky and Charlotte... and on Raw, and at WrestleMania.

This is not about Becky, it's not about Charlotte. I came to SmackDown Live for a fresh start and to become the champion I've always knownI can be, and to show the world that I'm the best. I'm gonna climb that ladder, grab the briefcase, and cash it in to become the Women's Champion, and there's nothing Becky, Charlotte, or anybody else in that match can do about it.

Bayley will now compete in the Women's Money In The Bank match at the Pay-Per-View, while Charlotte and Lynch would be facing each other to compete for the SmackDown Live Women's Title, in addition to the Raw Women’s Title against Lacey Evans.

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