Hampi Utsav 2024 Celebrates Heritage and Athleticism

Wrestling, Stone Lifting, and Sheep Show Highlight Rich Cultural Tapestry

Hampi: In a mesmerizing display of heritage and athleticism, the Hampi Utsav 2024 unfolded its grandeur, featuring time-honored games that transported spectators to an era of valor and strength.

The heart of the festivities resonated with the thunderous clashes of wrestlers and the awe-inspiring feats of stone lifters, creating an atmosphere of jubilation and nostalgia.

The inauguration of the event by MLA HR Gaviappa and Deputy Commissioner Divakara through a ceremonial pooja on Saturday morning set the tone for a day filled with exhilarating competitions.

The sprawling wrestling arena near Malapanagudi village in Hospet taluk emerged as the epicenter of the action, where skilled competitors engaged in fierce battles reminiscent of tuskers. The finale of this event saw Muslik Alam Rajasaheb of Belagavi claiming the prestigious Hampi Kesari title, while Sadashiva of Mudhol secured the second place.

The wrestling matches, akin to a vivid tapestry of historical prowess, saw competitors executing moves where claps on opponents' shoulders mirrored ancient traditions. The roars of the crowd and the victorious applause added a poignant touch to the event.

Unfazed by the scorching heat, both wrestlers and spectators were enveloped in the thrill of the moment.

A noteworthy inclusion in the festival was the participation of women wrestlers, with 15 athletes competing across different categories.

The traditional rural sport of bullock cart wheel assembling was another attraction of the Hampi Utsav, capturing the essence of rustic charm. Banadakere Kaniveppa emerged victorious, with Venkoba Banadakere and Maruthi Masakere claiming second and third positions, respectively.

The stone lifting competition, an age-old game, unfolded for the audience's delight. Shekhappa of Vijayapura claimed the limelight with an astounding 155 kg lift, and the event saw Gangadhara Mariyammanahalli and Seegenahalli Chandrappa of Hospet securing second and third positions. The competition became a visual symphony of strength and determination, blending tradition with contemporary enthusiasm.

The millet culinary competition at Matanga Parvata premises unfolded as a culinary journey, featuring diverse dishes crafted from millets. Deputy Commissioner MS Divakara sampled and praised the dishes.

A new chapter was written in the Hampi Utsav saga with the introduction of the Sheep Show, a captivating spectacle curated for the first time.

Sheep herders from neighboring districts showcased their adorned pets, drawing gasps of admiration from onlookers. Organized by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, the show unfolded in Kamalapura.

Owners bestowed names such as Ram, Durgi, Madakari, Paddehuli, and Rajahuli upon their Rams, adorning their horns with vibrant paint. Brass anklets and ribbons in an array of colors adorned the necks, legs, and horns of the sheep, while some owners even sported fashionable sunglasses. The audience was treated to a visual feast as the sheep paraded, danced, and carried themselves with dignified grace.

The Ram owned by Prem of Kaddirampura sheep claimed the first prize of Rs 10,000.

Animal husbandry department officials meticulously judged the sheep based on breed, age, weight, and physical structure. DC MS Divakara handed over the prize to the winners.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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