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Fake news buster: Is Ronaldo really converting his hotels into makeshift hospitals?

Published Mar 15, 2020, 4:45 pm IST
Updated Mar 15, 2020, 11:31 pm IST
Cristiano Ronaldo (Twitter)
 Cristiano Ronaldo (Twitter)

There was news earlier that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo had offered to transform his hotels into hospitals and give free treatment to coronavirus patients.

A report in Marca newspaper as well as the Juventus website (Ronaldo is a Juventus forward remember?) stated that Ronaldo had decided to convert his hotels into hospitals to treat patients. That's not all. It also went on to state that the footballer had offered to foot the bills too. So it meant that the patients would be treated free of charge. At the same time, the report also stated that Ronaldo will pay the doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients.

Ronaldo expressed concern over the spread of the coronavirus and urged people to follow the directives of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

This decision, the report said, was Ronaldo's way of doing his bit for society in the time of a global pandemic.

The news went viral in no time with every publication out there carrying a story and fans sharing it widely. But we thought this bit of news was too good to be true and decided to dig up and guess what we found? Well, it appears that there is not an iota of truth to the news of Ronaldo offering his hotels to be converted to a medical facility to treat coronavirus patients. Yes, it is fake news.

Marca which had earlier published the story has taken it down while football scribe Kristof Terrer has called out the bluff and rubbished the report as fake.

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However, soon as news of the virus spread, Ronaldo took to his social media handles to share his concern over the rising death toll caused by the virus.

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