SRH's Path to Victory: Pat Cummins Optimistic About the Rest of the Season

In an exclusive interview, Australian cricketer and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) captain Pat Cummins opens up about the dynamic strategies behind T20 cricket, the electrifying support of SRH fans at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, and the evolving landscape of the sport in Australia. From managing workload to analyzing bowling techniques, Cummins shares insights into his approach both on and off the field, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of professional cricket.

You had success in Test Cricket, ODI. How do you actually work out your bowling strategy for T20s?

It's a funny format. It feels like you need to think on your feet. Some things work one day that won't work the next game. It's tough, but it involves a lot of problem solving, which I love. You got to think on your feet. So it feels like with each game, it’s getting slightly better.

How do you assess the SRH batting lineup? And what do you think is the biggest advantage for you this season?

Batting lineup has been awesome so far. I think they are playing with real freedom, which is hard to come up against. So I think that's been a point of difference. The guys are just going out there, they want to go and show off how good they are. And you have seen that in three matches, totals that have been above 260, which is just insane.

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How do you manage your workload and prevent injuries, especially during a grueling tournament like IPL?

It's a long tournament. In some ways, as a fast bowler, it's a little bit easier than, say, test cricket or one-day cricket, because you are only bowling four overs. But you have got to make sure that you are looking after yourself so you don't get burnt out. The end of the tournament is coming up. You want to make sure that not only do you make it there, you make it there with plenty of energy. So outside of games and training, I try to relax as much as I can. Even during training, I try and make it short and sharp rather than spending hours there, knowing that the ground games, that's where I want to concentrate my energy.

Are there specific areas of your bowling that you want to work on and improve?

Pretty much everything, always. Every time I go to training or play a game, there's always one thing you want to get a little bit better at.

How do you think the SRH fans have supported the team, and what's the atmosphere like playing at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium?

The stadium's great. It's been as loud as I have ever played in, really. It just feels like it's been packed out every home game and the fans cheer for everything. So that's been great. I think the way they've responded to, particularly, some of those high scores that we scored, that Mumbai game here at the stadium was huge. So yeah, fans have been awesome.

How has cricket evolved in Australia from when it started till now?

I think T20 cricket's getting bigger and bigger everywhere around the world. So we have the big bash league in Australia, which every summer gets really big, but in some ways it stays the same in terms of, test cricket's really well supported. So you go out to a test match, big crowds, that's what it feels like a lot of Australia are watching throughout the summer, which is the same as when I was a child, which is great.

How do you see the rest of the season unfolding for Sunrisers?

Very well, hopefully. You know, we won four games in a row, lost the last two, but it feels like we don't have to change too much before getting back on the winning streak and, you just got to get yourself in that top four. And once you are in that top four, anything can happen in those finals. So I'm feeling really confident.

What was the mood exactly in the dressing room when you were taking on India in the World Cup final, because they had won every single match?

Oh, it's exciting, really. We knew it was going to be tough, but in some ways felt like we had nothing to lose. You know, we had done really well to make that final and you don't get many chances like those in your life. So you just wanted to go out and take it on. And if it didn't work out, then that's fine. But we just want to make sure that we put everything into that final and we did.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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