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I Am Happy Tilak Varma Got A Place in Asia Cup Squad: Vijay Deverakonda

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Published on: August 30, 2023 | Updated on: August 30, 2023
Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay Deverakonda

In an exclusive conversation with Star Sports Network, the charismatic Telugu film sensation Vijay Deverakonda delved into his deep-seated love for cricket, recounting cherished memories and experiences that have left an indelible mark. From the exhilaration of witnessing historic moments to his personal favourite players, Deverakonda's candid revelations offer a glimpse into his unwavering passion for the sport that unites millions. As the riveting clash of titans - India vs Pakistan - takes centre stage at the Asia Cup 2023, Vijay Deverakonda, the Telugu superstar, will feature on Star Sports Telugu on 2nd September 2023 in the build-up to the monumental contest and to promote his upcoming movie Kushi, set to release on 1st September 2023.

Deverakonda's admiration extended to players such as Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav and more but he expressed his delight in the inclusion of Tilak Varma in the squad, underscoring his keen eye for emerging talent, he said "These days, watching Virat play is pure fun. After him, Rohit Sharma. He plays effortless cricket. Surya Kumar Yadav, on his day, it is difficult to stop him, and Hardik Pandya - The sound when he plays the shot is amazing. These days I am also looking forward to bowlers like Bumrah, Siraj, and Arshdeep. I am happy that Tilak got a place in the squad."

Deverakonda also took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about his experience of witnessing the intense India vs Pakistan rivalry live from the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, he said "I enjoyed watching cricket at the venue, and India have never lost a match in all of the matches I have watched from the venue. But these days I have started missing the replays and commentary, so I am enjoying the matches from the television."

When asked about his excitement for the upcoming Asia Cup 2023, Deverakonda's enthusiasm was palpable. He shared, "I enjoy the tension between two teams in a match, I like the conflicts and heated moments, and these days I miss them. I am looking forward to watching some exciting matches this Asia Cup."

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