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When Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina and Ajinkya Rahane were 'kissed' by a Sri Lankan fan

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Published on: July 30, 2017 | Updated on: July 30, 2017

Virat Kohli and team seem to spend the best of their time off the field.

Uncle Percy is very familiar in the Indian dressing room. (Photo: Screengrab/AP)

Uncle Percy is very familiar in the Indian dressing room. (Photo: Screengrab/AP)

Galle: Ardent cricket fans may be used to the sight of spotting an old man on TV with snazzy shades waving the Sri Lankan flag whenever the team played. That man is none other than Percy Abeysekera, or Uncle Percy who still makes his best attempt to support his team despite growing older.  

The Sri Lankan superfan on Sunday blew out the candles as he turned 81-years-old and received a special kiss by Virat Kohli. After India comfortably won the first Test, the India captain made time to see the Sri Lankan supporter along with teammate Shikhar Dhawan ahead of the presentation ceremony.

It is learnt that Kohli greeted Percy with a birthday kiss and wished him ‘Happy Birthday’ following which the Sri Lankan supporter returned the favour by kissing the India captain on both cheeks. "Before the presentation, Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan came to me and wished me happy birthday. Then Kohli kissed me on my left cheek. I kissed him on both his cheeks," Percy told Mid-Day.

Kohli and Dhawan were seen spending some time together with Percy having a fun chat ahead of the presentation ceremony. The trio had a big laugh together and the Indian cricket duo later hugged the Sri Lankan fan.

"I had lot of fun meeting them and when I kissed Kohli people around us started laughing. "Kohli said that he couldn’t believe that I am 81, I said that I am just two days younger than Sir Garry Sobers," added Percy.

The Sri Lankan supporter even recalled a comic incident from the past when India toured Sri Lanka in 2014. 

 "When they came here last, it was raining heavily. In one of those rain breaks, Kohli and Rohit Sharma invited me to their dressing room to have some fun. I didn’t go as the International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption official raised an objection. But the secretaries of both boards stepped in and allowed me to visit the Indian dressing room." said the Sri Lankan fan.

"Today, Kohli recalled my funny dance in the dressing room that day and we laughed a lot." he continued.

Uncle Percy also recalled a colourful moment when he kissed Suresh Raina previously, who was very shy. "When I was dancing madly, everyone in the dressing room was urging me to kiss Suresh Raina." 

"He was very shy and they all said ‘kiss him, kiss him’. They even brought Raina to me and I kissed him left, right and centre. That brought the house down. Kohli and Rohit were jumping and laughing uncontrollably," said Percy with a grin.

Sri Lankan cricketers also poured out their wishes for Uncle Percy on Twitter:

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