This astrologer believes India won’t be this year’s World Champ; read to know why

Greenstone Lobo who has been involved in the practise of forecasting in big tournaments, was accurate with his predicitons in 2011 and 2015.

Mumbai: We all might have referred to an astrologer at some point of time – be it in case of marriage issues, sex issues, love issues, study related issues or any other issues – however very rarely do we hear that an astrologist is referred to predict the future of an event.

Yes it’s true, nowadays besides predicting issues like marriage, sex, love and others. Now people also pay visit to the astrologers to know the course of a match. And, in this case we are talking about the ICC cricket World Cup final match.

As per a report by Sportskeeda, a popular astrologer Greenstone Lobo has forecasted that in this year’s World Cup, two-times World Cup winner India won’t lift the coveted trophy for the third time.

Greenstone Lobo, who has been involved in the practise of forecasting in big tournaments for a couple of years, was accurate with his predictions in 2011 and 2015.

Lobo states that Kohli’s birth year (1988) can prove to be ominous for India. However, if Virat’s birth year was in 1986 or 1987 then things could have gone in favour of the men in blues.

The astrologer went out of his ways to prove his point ; he paid a visit to Virat Kohli’s childhood coach to share his concern. Lobo tried to ascertain the birth year of Kohli.

In an interview with Lobo declared that Kohli’s coach confirmed with him that Kohli was actually born in 1988 instead of 1987 or 1986.

Lobo stated, “I called Virat’s youth coach, Rajkumar Sharma, and clarified my stress that India probably won’t win the World Cup in 2019 if Virat was in reality conceived in 1988. I trusted frantically that I would get 1986 or 1987 as the genuine year of the Indian skipper’s introduction to the world. He (Virat’s coach) stayed quiet for a minute prior to murmuring a yes."

The astrologer further said that India's luck could have improved if Dhoni was left out of the side. Lobo lastly said that previously Dhoni used to have good luck but now luck doesn’t favour him anymore.

“I have most extreme regard for Dhoni, the batsman. In any case, despite the fact that I dislike it much myself, I have to talk dispassionately from the point of view of an Indian astrologer and I can see that Dhoni’s quality in the 2019 Indian squad could well victimize India’s another incredible opportunity to win a World Cup. Dhoni dependably had the kismet (luck) however at this point isn’t his waqt (time),” he added.

No matter what Lobo says, the cricket crazy fans of India would still be hoping that team India lifts the World Cup for the third time.

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