Broadcasters use predictor's unscientific method for match-results, says expert

'Present system is used just to increase the curiosity of the spectators while watching the match, otherwise it has no impact.'

Mumbai: One of the possible attractions in a limited over match is predicting the winning chance of a team while the match is in progress.

Till recently, may be due to restrictions from ICC, such attempts were not seen during the telecast. Now the broadcasters have started using such a predictor during the matches.

The prediction of the match (by the broadcasters) while the game is in progress seems to be on some judgmental method, which can't be relied upon, according to V. Jayadevan, the Kerala-based Civil Engineer, who devised his own VJD system for the rain-affected matches.

In the India-Aus match on Sunday, most of the time the predictor was showing India 65% and Aus 35%, even when Yuvraj and Kohli were batting and the team had a stiff target to chase. The commentators even mentioned that it should be the other way, the predictor seems to be an Indian fan etc.

Everyone knows that it was in the 18th over (19 runs) that the dramatic change occurred. Kohli's spectacular innings is something which happens only once in 10 attempts.

The predictor was simply a joker for the commentators to laugh at.

"This is an unscientific method", said Jayadevan. "Predicting chances while team-1 is batting is not correct. Whatever may me the score of team-1, whether it is 50 or 250, when team-2 starts batting, both teams have equal chances," added Jayadevan.

"The present system is used just to increase the curiosity of the spectators while watching the match, otherwise it has no impact. It cannot take into account the glorious uncertainty of the game as it happened yesterday,” he added.

"I have developed a very scientific method based on par-score concept which can predict the result of the match scientifically while team-2 is batting. It was a part of the VJD system till 2010. During 2010 technical committee meeting which proposed the VJD method for IPL (though it was shot down by BCCI working committee) I was directed to remove this feature from the software as ICC was not favouring it at that time. It is a much more scientific and sensible method than the current one in use," he signed off.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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