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Reham Khan hits out at ex-husband, Pakistan PM Imran Khan, PTI; here’s what she said

Published Aug 27, 2018, 12:59 pm IST
Updated Aug 27, 2018, 1:31 pm IST
Once again, Reham spoke on her tell-all autobiographical book. (Photo: AP / AFP)
 Once again, Reham spoke on her tell-all autobiographical book. (Photo: AP / AFP)

Islamabad: The saga between new Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and his former wife Reham Khan seems to be never-ending, with the latter launching scathing attacks on the Pakistan's World Cup-winning captain.

Once again, Reham spoke on her tell-all autobiographical book.

Reham, the former BBC journalist, married to Imran, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief in 2018. But their marriage fell apart after ten months. She later went on to accuse Imran of being bisexual, taking hard drugs and adultery in her recent book.

“For years, I kept hearing rumours every few months about how I was writing an exposé,” she was quoted saying by The National.

“The rumours started even before we got divorced – just four or five days after we decided to end our marriage. The divorce deed hadn’t been delivered to me when they started,” she added.

She further went onto speak about Imran’s cricketing career. “India and Pakistan are obsessed with cricket. His cricket career made him a people’s darling. India made him a celebrity, and Pakistan sort of followed suit. The glamour, people’s mania about him, his love life … they’re all part of his larger-than-life persona.”

She goes on to say that Imran had an effect her life when he was not even part of it.

“The reason why a big part of the book is devoted to him is that he had an effect on my life even when he was not a part of it. For example, my first husband was very inspired by Imran’s look at the peak of his celebrity. I talk about the impact of Pakistan’s World Cup win in 1992. And then I went and married him. We were married for one year, but Imran has been a part of all our lives for 40 years,” she continued.

She gave much more information of what her book was all about.

“The book talks about my childhood, about my early years in Libya, my formative relationships, the dichotomy of growing up Muslim in a westernised, privileged family, my first marriage, juggling a career with single motherhood. It discusses Bollywood and sexism, and how our upbringing makes us think of divorce as a bad word, even when we are unhappy,” she explained.

“I’ve spoken so much about domestic violence in it, and how, no matter which economic class we belong to, all women are dealing with more or less the same things. The book talks about how we spend our lives trying to please our mothers and the men in our lives, and how love turns us into fools,” she said.

The PTI thought that it would scare me into silence, but it chose the wrong woman to mess with. Instead of instilling fear in me, the threats made me realise that I needed to tell my story before they killed me. When someone doesn’t want a story to come out, it lights a fire in me to tell it with even more ferocity,” she went onto say.


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