Downslide didn't happen overnight, had warned Pak, says Akhtar

Former senior batsman Mohammad Yousuf said team management had erred in batting order against New Zealand.

Karachi: Pakistan's floundering World Twenty20 campaign has been lambasted by former pacer Shoaib Akhtar, who said he is not the least bit surprised by the poor run as people given key positions in the team have only bothered about their earnings.

Pakistan are all but out of contention in the event after losing to India and New Zealand in the last two games.

"This downslide didn't happen overnight. It started happening few years ago and I kept on warning a day will come when we will even find it hard to beat Bangladesh. No one listened including the board," Akhtar said.

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"What can one say? I can only hope now that sensible decisions are taken now and those people brought in to serve Pakistan cricket who don't care about their salaries, fees and perks but about Pakistan," Akhtar said.

Pakistan's former captain and great Javed Miandad also criticised outgoing captain Shahid Afridi and coach Waqar Younis for their comments made after the New Zealand match.

"I say everyone is responsible for the defeats —the board, selectors, captain and coach. Why are they complaining now about the players? What were they doing in the last one year?" he questioned.

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Waqar lashed out at the players last night for their inapt performances but Miandad said bad tactical decisions, wrong selections and a lack of pride had led to Pakistan's downfall in the last one year.

"Where is the pride and passion in this team to do well? I don't see it. The selectors, captain and coach have all made repeated blunders and now they are complaining. It is a joke," Miandad said.

Former senior batsman Mohammad Yousuf said the team management had erred in the batting order against New Zealand.

"Why did they send in Khalid Latif after such a good start? Why didn't they utilise Sarfraz or Malik?" he added.

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Yousuf said Pakistan's cricket standards had gone down because of poor batting and the decline would continue until quality players were brought forward.

"I don't see any reason for Mohammad Hafeez not playing in such a crucial match. Even if he had some injury he could have taken injections and played. It was a must win match and in the past our players have played with injuries," Yousuf noted.

Former captain turned commentator, Ramiz Raja said Pakistan had fallen behind other cricket playing nations and one should not keep hopes that the team could beat Australia.

"Neither can we take the right strategic decisions nor can we bat well. And we expect to win," he said.

( Source : PTI )
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