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Cricketer Vijay Shankar's parents find a perfect match for him

Published Aug 22, 2020, 7:09 pm IST
Updated Aug 22, 2020, 7:40 pm IST
The 29-year-old all rounder is engaged to Vaishali Visweswaran, who is a part time teacher in Chennai
(From L) Vaishali Visweswaran and Vijay Shankar
 (From L) Vaishali Visweswaran and Vijay Shankar

Vijay Shankar is the second Indian cricketer to get engaged in this month. He followed Yuzvendra Chahal, who was engaged to dentist, dancer and choreographer Dhanshree Verma.

The 29-year-old all rounder is engaged to Vaishali Visweswaran, who is a part time teacher in Chennai.


Speaking on the telephone from Chennai, Vijay Shankar's father H. Shankar said, "It is not a love affair. My son still wanted to play and concentrate on cricket. In fact, he was not even aware about the fact that we were trying to find a girl for him.

"We followed certain procedures before accepting the proposal. We matched the horoscopes of both and found out that Vaishali is the best match for my son."

"Vijay waited all these years and wanted the girl who can sacrifice a lot. Because of his cricketing career Vijay has to travel a lot and wants the perfect girl, who can adjust accordingly."  


"The girl is up to my son's full expectations. A simple girl, just like my son. Vijay is a simple man who is never interested in fancy hair-styles or tattoos on his body."   

"We are an Iyer family and both families are pure vegetarians."

"The ring ceremony was done at Sri Mahal Jall, which is very close to our house."  

"Only about 40 people from both families were present and all government and municipal restrictions and guidelines related to COVID-19 were followed," the father added.  


No players from the Indian team were invited. "Vijay Shankar's coach (S. Balaji) and his two local cricketer-friends (Chaturved and G. Vijay) were present" at the ring ceremony.

The families have not decided the date of marriage yet.  

On Friday, Vijay Shankar arrived in Mumbai to leave for UAE to play in the IPL.

Vijay Shankar plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Vijay Shankar's father, H. Shankar, who otherwise travels on cricket tours is unlikely to visit UAE this time. "I don't think even Vaishali would want to go there this time",  he signed off.