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Enjoy chilled beer watching "Sri Lankan batsman scoring hundred" against India

Published Jul 22, 2021, 5:40 pm IST
Updated Jul 22, 2021, 5:40 pm IST
A hotelier in Colombo will serve a free glass of chilled beer to the customers present when a Sri Lankan batsman scores a 100 against India
Bro Pub & Restaurant at Nugegoda.
 Bro Pub & Restaurant at Nugegoda.

Colombo: A hotelier in Colombo has offered to serve a free glass of chilled beer to all his customers present on a day when any Sri Lankan batsman scores a hundred against India. 

"This offer at our Bro Pub & Restaurant at Nugegoda is for the ongoing ODI series against India but we are even planning to make it valid for the forthcoming T-20Is", Ryan Cramer, the Director of Gartons Group said exclusively over the telephone. 


The offer may sound "unrealistic" considering the strong India side but Cramer has not given up hope. 

"We, as a cricket loving nation, are always optimistic that our new team will do better !. Irrespective of "win or lose" we are glued on to screens therein. We wanted to offer our patrons at the Bro Pub and Restaurant, an exciting experience to encourage and increase people to watch the match on our giant screen, hoping that one of our performers will guarantee them a free Pint Of Beer".

No, this offer is not valid if any Indian batter scores a hundred. 


"I wish we could! However considering the current strong Indian team batting line up we are likely to go into loses", he laughed off. 

Quite a few cricketers have been visiting this pub often. 

"We've hosted cricketers and coaches' weddings and private parties at our chain of hotels too". 

Reasoning the name of their pub as Bro, Cramer explains :"In Sri Lanka we generally call our close friends "Machan" but the new generation prefers to call their friends "Bro" instead, which is also considered a common phrase globally".


"We support our team and expect others to do so, as well, against a seasoned Indian team", Cramer signed off.

Location: Sri Lanka, Western, Colombo