ODI visitors rue stinky toilets, water shortage in Uppal stadium

Hyderabad: While Hyderabad's cricket fans thoroughly enjoyed the recently held ODI between India and New Zealand, the lack of proper amenities in the Uppal stadium have left many with sour and unhappy memories.

Soon after the game, cricket fans vented their frustration and indignation on social media about the lack of facilities, including overflowing restrooms, leaking toilets and washrooms with defective flush systems.

“Public toilets are cleaner than those at the stadium. Most of the toilets didn’t flush, only one of the three basins worked, and the other was clogged to the brim with all kinds of things. The washroom resembled a mini swimming pool," wrote a Reddit user. Given the state of the restrooms, some fans claimed they had to hold it for longer than eight hours.

Rohan P. Bathula, who shelled out Rs 10,000 for a seat at the Pavilion, complained to Deccan Chronicle that the organisers neglected to provide basic amenities such as water.

"We were not allowed to carry food or even water. For thousands of people, there were only a few water cans and only glass available at specific corners. A mushy samosa, a dried egg puff, a small juice box, and a Rs 5 biscuit packet were all included in a little snack box that we received after squeezing through a lengthy queue of boisterous crowds who were tripping over the volunteers at the counter.

After the game, when we arrived at the dining hall, there weren't enough dishes, and dessert was left in a box on the floor,” he grumbled.

Sonia Kadamandla complained that only one of the large display screens was functional. Several cricket fans reported that the stadium's east side screen had never worked properly. “At point, amid the cheering, people began shouting ‘We want water’,” she added.

When they were unable to obtain water, many spectators made it through the final six hours of the game on aerated beverages. Others cited the lack of a roof or canopy that hasn't undergone maintenance since April 2019. Fans also claimed that there were gutkha stains all over the stadium.

"The seats weren't cleaned and all our clothes were left with dust and dirt. The stairs were painted with gutka stains," said Angelina Suganditha.

At gate 4, where there were six different queues, Shankmukha Karthik claimed there was an improper allocation of exit gates, nearly causing a stampede. “We encountered issues with UPI payments and phone signals were clogged,” he continued. Some asthmatics complained that they were not allowed to carry their inhalers inside the stadium.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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