Sports Cricket 17 Feb 2019 Down with homophobia

Down with homophobia

Published Feb 17, 2019, 12:03 am IST
Updated Feb 17, 2019, 12:03 am IST
Root’s cool remark was picked up by the stump microphone in a match in St. Lucia in the West Indies.
Shannon Gabriel.
 Shannon Gabriel.

The England cricket captain Joe Root has done cricket and society a great service in his measured reaction to a homophobic remark. The West Indian fast bowler who has been suspended for the insulting sledge “Why are you smiling at me? Do you like boys?” to which Root responded with “Don’t use it as an insult. There’s nothing wrong with being gay.” Root’s cool remark was picked up by the stump microphone in a match in St. Lucia in the West Indies.

The Indian cricket commentator Sanjay Manjrekar seemed to have got it completely wrong while saying in response to the event that the stump microphones should be switched off. Instead of responding correctly in putting down homophobia on the cricket field, the former cricketer wants to play the ostrich in the sand.


Tweeple were, quite rightly, incensed by this uncaring remark shorn of empathy from a leading voice in the game. Many took Manjrekar apart. But again that is not the point so much as the need to be seen being correct and not only politically correct in dealing with homophobia in the new age when gays have been given a gender equal status in society thanks to progressive judgments from the courts.

Social tolerance is the key and Nasser Hussain, former England captain, captured it right in saying “For me his 12 words as a role model will be in the end more important than a Test hundred.” Sport is a mirror of society and sportsmen must show far greater tolerance of same-sex issues.


daniel norcross @norcrosscricket
 “Thanks to the stump mics.” Where to begin with this crazy take? Should the batsmen be forced to wear ear plugs?

Wes Spearman   @Wes SpearmanJ
Let’s remove the stump mics so verbal abuse can’t be caught. While we’re at it, let’s remove the cameras so ball tempering can’t be caught either!

Adithya BS @iambsa
Many students are getting caught cheating in the exam . Authorities must brainstorm if increased use of invigilators is actually good for the exams or not


Kunal Tolani @Kunal_jt
Let’s remove the cameras too? Look at what happened to Steve Smith. All the controversy would’ve been avoided if there were no cameras at all. Let’s just stop playing, then no one would be able to pass racist comments on the field!

Just when I think your opinions can’t get worse you come up with new bizzare takes..

Rod Studd@Rod_Studd
Utterly ludicrous Daniel. Is Sanjay really saying “players would be able to get away with homophobic insults if it wasn’t for those pesky stump mics”? Full credit to Joe Root. Glad he made a stand.


Rohit Pungalia @RohitPungalia
so u r saying stump mics should be turned down so that players get away with racial abuse ?? .. YOU HAVE ACTUALLY STOPPED MAKING SENSE !!

Akshay Sahai @AkshaySahai1
Doesnt make sense. This is akin to banning cctv cameras because they catch the criminals red handed!

Eamon Lahiri@TheSimianFreud
Thank god people of your thinking aren’t running the game. You would allow literally anything and/or remove the scope for later evidence so that everyone can simply ignore the problems. Players must brainstorm whether using homophobic/racist ‘banter’ is good for them


Venkatraman Ganesan@ venky1976
Just because no one happens to see a tree that has fallen in a forest does not mean that the incident hasn’t occurred. Removing stump mics thereby incentivising players to mouth abuse is not a feasible solution. Strict reprimands&stricter sanctions, however, are. @CharlesDagnall

John Todhunter @Jate25
Shock....another dreadful opinion from @sanjaymanjrekar #burgledacareer

Russell Jackson @rustyjacko
like the open vistas of the tweet, the stump mic gives us unfiltered insights into the stupidity of some people.


Saj Sadiq @Saj_Pa kPassion
Cricketers need to cut out using such language and behave as role-models. The stump mics highlighting such poor behaviour is a good thing

Susheel Kumar @susheelk1
Sometimes I wonder if you really think before you tweet ? Or maybe ur a trigger happy tweeter ? Expected more sensibility from an experienced and well travelled person like you

Chris Quaife@Gup16
This is an incredible suggestion, maybe tackle the problem of racial and homophobic slurs rather than turn the mics off so it’s easier to get away with!!


they are in trouble because of what they said, not because of the stump mics. Hope that helps!