Dhoni\'s fan recovering after heart attack

\"Yes, the message to Dhoni about my health has already been reached,\" said Bashir.

Mumbai: Mahendra Singh Dhoni's biggest fan Mohammad Bashir has suffered a heart attack and had to cut short his World Cup trip. He has returned to his home in Chicago, USA without waiting to witness the final.

Speaking exclusively over telephone from Chicago, he said, "I was at the ground on the first day of our semi final against New Zealand. Dhoni's retirement talks were being heard. At the end of the rainy day on reaching hotel I became so nervous. I could barely sleep and became uneasy. Only thoughts about Dhoni's retirement were coming into my mind".

"Suddenly I felt a terrible chest pain at around 3.30 am and had to call the hotel emergency doctor. I was advised to be admitted in the hospital. The hotel staff took me to Central Hospital. I stayed there for two days and doctor okayed me to travel home".

"I returned home last night and feel better now".

"Yes, the message to Dhoni about my health has already been reached. Perhaps, being in transit, he may not have found to respond. I am sure he will call or send me a message".

"My message to him is not to retire now. You have been really playing well. Coming into bat at no. 7, you could score 50 runs. You are capable of performing well even now. Please don;t retire", Bashir signed off.

After arriving in Chicago, the 63-year-old Chacha Bashir straight went to hospital for his health check up before returning home on Friday night.

Bashir's wife hails from Hyderabad (India). He has three daughters and one son in the family.

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