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IPL out of Maharashtra is the best thing: Vir Das

Published Apr 14, 2016, 4:44 pm IST
Updated Apr 14, 2016, 7:09 pm IST
Actor-comedian Vir Das welcomed the Bombay High Cout decision to move IPL matches out of Maharashtra. (Photo: Facebook)
 Actor-comedian Vir Das welcomed the Bombay High Cout decision to move IPL matches out of Maharashtra. (Photo: Facebook)

Mumbai: Vir Das is not merely an actor or a comic, he is a storyteller. He is crisp, keeps his eyes open and can delicately stab the hobgoblins with prose. The 36-year-old – who earlier took a dig at the government during beef ban – saluted the Bombay High Court decision to move IPL matches out of Maharashtra.

On Wednesday, the court directed BCCI to shift all IPL matches – after April 30 – out of the state considering the plight of drought victims in the state.

“The decision they have taken is the best thing that could have happened,” said Vir, who is impeccable at social satire.

“I was in California recently for two months, there – in times of drought – you are not even allowed to wash your car and water your lawn. They have such rules. You can water your lawn only once a week,” added Vir, whose sturdy theatre background helps him sprinkle a tinge of gravity in his wit.

He even defied BCCI Secretary Anurag Thakur’s statement who questioned the smooth operation of swimming pools in five star hotels.

“As Indians, we love the words ‘why also’. When you tweet about water in the IPL, there will be 20 other tweets which will say why also you didn’t tweet when blah blah blah is happening. It is like ‘why didn’t you tweet during partition when Twitter didn’t exist,”’ said Vir.

“Somebody needs to start and take it forward to the five star hotels as well. If a humongous body, which is a vault of revenue, have been able to shift matches in the past, I don’t see any wrong if they take to social leadership. Let IPL set the example,” added Vir, who – through his series of narratives on YouTube – have tickled ribs speaking about ISIS to intolerance; a subtle jab at the Bhakts.

“Charity and responsibility has to begin with power, otherwise it doesn’t filter down. IPL is the most powerful domestic tournament, I don’t see it as a gigantic skin off their back,” said Vir, who also runs a comedy rock band called Alien Chutney.



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