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Sports Cricket 13 May 2020 Nasser Hussain: Vira ...

Nasser Hussain: Virat's too big for split captaincy, but Shastri ain't

Published May 13, 2020, 11:10 pm IST
Updated May 13, 2020, 11:10 pm IST
Former England captain says split captaincy won't work for India but split coaching will
Virat Kohli is not likely to enjoy sharing the captaincy, says Nasser Hussain.
 Virat Kohli is not likely to enjoy sharing the captaincy, says Nasser Hussain.

New Delhi: An “imposing character” like Virat Kohli will not be comfortable sharing power and hence split captaincy is not something that will work in Indian cricket, feels former England skipper Nasser Hussain.

However, he does feel that the Indian team management often messes up selections as they did in that World Cup semifinal against New Zealand and split coaching might be a good idea.


Hussain’s view on selection was echoed by former World Cup hero Yuvraj Singh, who wants to know how the current Indian coaching staff headed by Ravi Shastri is dealing with players with different mindsets.

Asked if split captaincy can work in India, like it did in England, Hussain didn’t sound confident. “It depends on the character, Virat (Kohli) is such an imposing character, all encompassing, it would be difficult for him to hand over, he wouldn’t want to hand anything over. Whereas with England, we have (Eoin) Morgan and (Joe) Root, two likeable, laidback (characters),” Hussain said during a podcast on Cricbuzz.

However, split coaching is not a bad idea, said Hussain.

“...Coaches have so much to do, whether you should have a split coach, they have so much on their plate. Just to give you a fresh perspective like Trevor Bayliss for example.

“He cracked white ball for England, we didn’t really crack Test match cricket. So maybe two different coaches would be the right way to go,” he opined.

“One thing they don’t do well is selection like they couldn’t get a number 4 despite having so many great batsmen. Unlike New Zealand, who have only that many players to choose from, India have so much of talent, that after two failures, a new player comes in and then a next,” the former England captain added.