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Sports Cricket 12 Jul 2019 Greenstone Lobo did ...

Greenstone Lobo did predict India’s loss

Published Jul 12, 2019, 12:08 am IST
Updated Jul 12, 2019, 12:08 am IST
Astrologer Greenstone Lobo predicted Team India would crash out of World Cup more than two months ago.
Virat Kohli
 Virat Kohli

On Wednesday, while Indian cricket fans were saddened by Team India’s defeat in the first semi-final of the World Cup against New Zealand, Mumbai-based astrologer Greenstone Lobo wasn’t surprised, as his words immediately after the loss were: “Sad to be proved right. Rain or no rain, what was predicted happened and it is sad.”

Interestingly, more than two months before the commencement of the World Cup, Lobo had predicted that Virat Kohli’s boys would return empty-handed. However, he says, “I would have been happier if my prediction had gone wrong. I started doing research in sports astrology as I was fed up of the Australians winning all the time.”


Lobo firmly believes that former Indian captain M.S. Dhoni was a lucky charm for the Men in Blue. “When I spotted MSD in 2005, I was really happy that we finally got a man who will win us the World Cup.

But MSD has completed his astrological quota of success and couldn't be a part of the WC winning team in 2019," says Lobo, adding, "More than a personal victory (in terms of the prediction), I'm pleased that I was able to defend the cause of astrology."

According to Lobo, even if the match had not been stretched to the second day because of rain, the result would have been the same. "It was only nature's way of making the match more interesting. Rain or no rain, it was anyway supposed to end this way," he asserts.


Dravid's son will be a cricket star
Meanwhile, Lobo's book Howzzat, containing 50 predictions on Indian cricket apparently includes one about the future superstar of Indian cricket born in 2005 - a clear reference to Rahul Dravid's son, Samit.

"Samit Rahul Dravid will surpass his father's achievements," says Lobo, who adds, "Samit will break records and tear his way into the history books. He will create his own records too, which will stand for a long time."

On a parting note, the astrologer adds, "When Samit posts those big scores and makes a place for himself, I hope people understand that it is through merit alone and not because of his father's clout. Samit has it all. His being born in Rahul Dravid's home at the right time is destiny's way of ensuring the continuity of his illustrious father's legacy."