Tweet-sized resume

With twitter being the go to' media, people like Virender Sehwag seem to have forgotten how to write formal letters!

With news of Anil Kumble likely to be replaced as Team India coach, there’s been quite a lot of drama regarding this issue. Virender Sehwag now adds to this by sending in his two-line resume for the job!

“Mentor and a coach of Kings XI Punjab in the IPL and has played with all these (Indian) boys before,” his application read.

Although the blunder was excused by the BCCI who asked the cricketer to send in a revised, detailed application, one wonders if this attitude reflects the senior cricketer’s arrogance or sheer ignorance.

“There is a pro forma for a job application and everyone should follow it,” says Rajeev Wancar, chairman, placement, guidance and advisory bureau of University of Hyderabad. “While writing a formal job application, components such as salutation, subject line, and one’s qualifications should be mentioned. Moreover, Sehwag wasn’t sending the letter to a colleague, but to a prestigious body like BCCI requesting them to consider his candidature for an important position, hence it should have been written with care.”

The star batsman’s move has backfired as a lot of people have made fun of him online. “People think if you are a well-known personality, anything goes. That’s not right. The letter certainly should be respectful and formal. It certainly can’t be a tweet-sized letter,” says etiquette expert, Suneeta Kanga.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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