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Video: Vinod Kambli, wife Andrea in ugly scuffle with music composer, father at mall

Published Jul 2, 2018, 11:40 am IST
Updated Jul 2, 2018, 11:40 am IST
Kambli, his wife claimed that Ankur Tiwari’s father touched her inappropriately while the music composer's family has denied the claims.
Former cricketer Vinod Kambli and his wife Andrea had an ugly verbal showdown with music composer Ankur Tiwari and his father RK Tiwari at the Mumbai mall. (Photo: PTI)
 Former cricketer Vinod Kambli and his wife Andrea had an ugly verbal showdown with music composer Ankur Tiwari and his father RK Tiwari at the Mumbai mall. (Photo: PTI)

Mumbai: The visitors to Inorbit Mall in Malad, Mumbai witnessed a massive ruckus on Sunday evening after former cricketer Vinod Kambli and his wife Andrea had an ugly verbal showdown with music composer Ankur Tiwari and his father RK Tiwari.

Kambli and his wife alleged that the music composer’s father "touched her inappropriately", brushing his hand against Andrea. The father-son duo, meanwhile, claimed that the couple abused them and punched them, with Andrea taking out her sandal to hit the 59-year-old.


“We were at the Game Zone in the mall around 3 pm when my wife caught hold of an old man’s hand. He had deliberately brushed his hand against her and when she caught him in the act, he pushed her away. Minutes later when we were at the food court, two men, who we assume were the man’s sons, tried to attack my wife. When I told them to back off, they told me, ‘You don’t know who we are’.” Mumbai Mirror quoted Kambli as saying.

The ex-India cricketer also claimed that “an old man inappropriately touched” Andrea.


Kambli’s wife, meanwhile, claimed that the man took “advantage of the crowds” and touched her “inappropriately”.

“I was playing with my children when this guy took the opportunity to rub his hand against me. Maybe he thought nothing would happen because it was crowded. When I caught his hand, I was surprised to see this old man. He appeared embarrassed because I had caught him red-handed. He appeared scared, and said something in Hindi, on the lines that ‘I cannot do something like this’,” Andrea said.


“The inappropriate touching ka zamaana is over. Such things should be dealt with strictly,” added Andrea.

However, Ankur Tiwari, who was at the mall with his parents, daughter and wife, denied Kambli and his wife’s allegations.

“My father, a retired bank employee, had accompanied my daughter to the Game Zone. My father told me he spotted Vinod Kambli there, and as he was walking past a woman, he blacked out,” Tiwari said.

“My father was disoriented after the attack. He couldn’t believe he had been punched, and that a woman was screaming, accusing him of brushing his hand against her. I asked my father to identify the woman, and we realised she was Kambli’s wife,” said Tiwari before adding, “I told them I wanted to speak with them, but they pushed me and hurled abuses. Kambli’s wife removed her sandal and threatened to hit me with it.”


Tiwari claimed that Kambli was abusing loudly and he and his wife, Andrea, pushed him and when someone tried to record the incident, he threatened the person concerned.

“He was abusing loudly, cursing everyone around. I asked him to speak to me politely, but he kept pushing me. His wife pushed me too. When I tried calling up the police, he snatched my phone. He even chased awoman to make sure she deleted the video recording from her phone,” Tiwari said.

The music composer and his father have filed a complaint Kambli and Andrea at the Bangur Nagar Police Station around 4.30 pm while Kambli took to Twitter and an officer from Bandra Police Station visited Kambli’s residence on Sunday.


While Andrea admitted that her husband was “upset”, she made it clear that it was because nobody bothered to help and found the incident “entertaining” and tried to record it.

“Vinod was upset because the onlookers were busy recording the incident.

He was particularly upset with a lady who was doing the same. It was very annoying that they thought it was entertaining,” Andrea said.


The cricketer, meanwhile, said, “When these guys were misbehaving with my wife, the onlookers were recording the incident,” Kambli said. The former cricketer also said that the entire episode was a frightening experience for his children, Christiano and Johana.

Vinay Bane, Senior Inspector Bangur Nagar Police Station, said that the Tiwaris had filed a complaint against Kambli and his wife.

“We are probing the matter, after which necessary action will be initiated. As of now, a non-cognisable offence has been registered,” said Bane.