TGCSB Arrest Hacker, Accused of Breaching TSCOP Data, in Delhi

Hyderabad: Jatin Kumar, a 24-year-old BCA student from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, who has been arrested by Telangana Cyber Security Bureau (TGCSB) from his hideout in Delhi for hacking the police apps ‘Hawkeye’ and TSCOP, reportedly used fake identity and transacted in cryptocurrency using multiple addresses. In order to track down the tech-savvy youth, the TGCSB investigation team had to use advanced software, police sources said.

“We have collected details of similar offences committed by him. Jatin is facing trial and the chargesheet is yet to be filed against him,” sources said. Jatin had been arrested by the cyber special branch of the Delhi police’s Dwarka unit.

The bureau has seized technical evidence from him and is trying to retrieving data to identify his associates and the others who have purchased data illegally using cryptocurrency, sources said.

“Our teams were aware that Jatin had breached the TSCOP app but did not react immediately as he would be alerted. However, our teams were running a parallel operation the day we came to know about the breach and finally got him. Our teams are completing official formalities to get him into custody on a transit warrant from Delhi,” a senior police officer disclosed.

Immediately after coming to know about the breach, TGCSB took measures to prevent further hacking into the apps, sources disclosed.

Jitin has not revealed the data he had sold and about his foreign-based associates, sources said, while adding that they would get a clear picture after questioning him. He has reportedly been into hacking since 2019 and has saved the breached data in his system. His PDF files have already been seized by the Delhi police.

“We still are not sure if Jatin is the actual culprit,” a police officer said. “We suspect that there are other professional hackers behind him.”

An official from the Dwarka police said, “We are coordinating with TS police on legal formalities. We have provided information about Jatin's methods to the Telangana police.”

The TGSCB team said that Jatin had initiated comprehensive monitoring and vulnerability assessment & penetration testing (VAPT) not only from the TS police but also gained access across police data stored in the external and internal data storage networks and mobile apps in Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities, police suspect.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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