Father Holds Half-Naked Protest for Kids’ TC

Hyderabad: In a dramatic turn of events at Akshara Techno School in Nagole, a distressed father, Dharma Reddy, staged a half-naked protest demanding Transfer Certificates (TC) and bonafide certificates for his two children. The incident, which was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media, shed light on the ongoing issue of excessive school fees and the refusal to provide necessary documents.

Dharma Reddy, a resident of Nagole, enrolled his children in Akshara Techno School six years ago. Despite his children’s satisfactory academic performance, the school's management continually pressured him to pay exorbitant fees. Unable to bear the financial burden, Dharma Reddy sought the TC and bonafide certificates to transfer his children to another, more affordable school but the current school management turned a deaf ear to his repeated requests.

Reddy alleged that despite his pleas, including begging on his knees, the management remained unyielding. The situation reached a breaking point when the school demanded payment of outstanding fees as a condition for issuing the certificates.

In a desperate bid for justice, Dharma Reddy staged a half-naked protest at the school premises, holding a sign and raising slogans against illegal school fees. His act of desperation was a cry for help and a demand for the school to release the documents necessary for his children’s education.

The protest drew significant attention from the public and authorities alike. However, the school management did not initially respond to the protest or address Dharma Reddy's grievances until later in the day.

Nagole police station circle Inspector Sudheer Krishna had confirmed that Dharma Reddy finally received the bonafide and TC for his children.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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