Telangana: Government Flags Measures to Curb Seasonal Diseases

Hyderabad: Health secretary Christina Z. Chongthu advised officials to take precautionary measures to prevent seasonal diseases that spread during the monsoon.

Along with GHMC commissioner Amrapali Kata, she reviewed the measures to be taken for controlling seasonal diseases with officials from health, sanitation, entomology and malaria departments and inquired about malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and fevers in the city.

She suggested implementing extensive measures at the grassroots level with coordination from health, sanitation, entomology, and other related departments. She also suggested creating public awareness about the precautions to be taken to prevent seasonal diseases and ensuring regular sanitation activities.

She pointed out that water stagnation and unsanitary conditions due to rain can lead to mosquito growth and the spread of dengue

and other diseases. She instructed officials to conduct fogging to prevent mosquito breeding and to submit daily reports on disease conditions.

Continuous field monitoring is essential and special attention should be given to areas with reported dengue cases to take immediate containment measures. Prompt action should be taken for fever cases identified during household surveys.

Schools and hostels should be particularly focused on,

raising awareness about the measures to control the rise of dengue and other cases. Public awareness is crucial to making them part of dengue control efforts.

During the meeting, additional commissioner of sanitation Ravi Kiran explained the sanitation activities being conducted and the mosquito control measures being taken. Health department officials detailed how they are treating fever cases as soon as they are identified.

They stated that there are 225 Basti Dawakhanas in the city providing immediate treatment to fever patients.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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