Voters Throng Vanga Geetha’s Home Saying They Didn’t Get Money

Kakinada: Ahead of the D-Day for voting on Monday, Pithapuram assembly YSRC candidate Vanga Geetha faced a piquant situation.

Many voters have been arriving at her residence in Pithapuram on Sunday night and Sunday complaining that they have not received any money. Incidentally, Geetha is contesting against Jana Sena chief and film star Pawan Kalyan,

At one stage, angry voters mobbed the YSRC candidate’s house, charging that YSRC leaders who should have given them the money have pocketed the same.

Police present at Geetha’s house, however, dispersed them. YSRC leaders too persuaded the voters to leave, saying they are not distributing any money to voters. Voters, however, did not believe them.

There are rumours in Pithapuram that YSRC is giving between ₹3,000 and ₹5,000 per vote, while Jana Sena is offering ₹1,500 for a vote.

In Kothapeta assembly constituency of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Konaseema district, women of villages like Madiki, Pinapalla and Ryali dumped saris they had got four days ago on roads, threatening to light them up. They protested that cash that should have reached them in a day or two after the distribution of sarees had not arrived.

Bystanders dissuaded the women from burning the sarees. However, the women left the place leaving the sarees behind. They made it clear to YSRC leaders that they are not so poor to fall for just sarees. They want hard cash.

In many constituencies, voters are complaining to leaders of the ruling party in particular that cash meant for them has been swindled by the middlemen.

Sources said cash distribution is in full swing in all the constituencies of East Godavari district. YSRC candidates are distributing ₹2,000 per vote and Telugu Desam ₹1,500.

In some places, volunteers have been assigned the task of distributing money. Voters, who have not received the money, are exerting pressure on the respective volunteers. They are also complaining to party leaders of the area about not receiving the money.

It is learnt that though the volunteers have resigned, ruling party candidates are taking their help in paying the amounts to voters and securing their votes.

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