Voter Turnout Disparities in North Andhra

Visakhapatnam: The present elections in North Andhra Pradesh revealed a stark contrast in voter turnout between rural and urban areas. While rural coVoter turnout disparities in North Andhra constituencies demonstrated robust participation, urban areas, particularly in Visakhapatnam, lagged behind.

The highest voter turnout was in Etcherla, an impressive 87 per cent, followed by Srungavarapukota at 85.45 and Gajapathinagaram at 85.16. Other high-turnout constituencies included Yelamanchili (84.54), Madugula (84), Neelimarla (84.83), Narsipatnam (83), Cheepurupalle (82.90), Payakaraopet (81.75), Narsannapeta (80.50) and Bobbili (80.39).

Urban areas here recorded the lowest turnouts. Visakhapatnam South was at the lowest at 63.42 per cent, followed by Paderu (ST) at 63.91, Visakhapatnam North at 64.63, Srikakulam 65.85, Visakhapatnam East 68.64, Visakhapatnam West 69.78, and Gajuwaka 69.83.

Numerous factors contributed to the low turnout in the urban districts. Many voters reported that their names were missing from the electoral lists. Additionally, young voters were not comfortable with the long queues at polling stations and scooted from the scene.

Technical issues exacerbated the situation. Malfunctioning of EVMs caused delays and confusion at several polling stations.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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