After polls, police focus on vulnerable areas in Kurnool and Nandyal

Kurnool: The police in Kurnool and Nandyal are closely monitoring the situation in these districts during the period between the May 13 voting and the June 4 results of the assembly and LS polls.They are conducting flag marches in violence-affected areas, including villages, and also doing cordon searches and taking other preventive measures like booking bind-over cases.

In Kurnool, the police had identified 320 critical and 18 vulnerable polling stations. Now, they are focusing on various villages known for feuds after the counting, including Devanakonda, Gadivemula, Alur and Chippagiri in Pathikonda constituency as also Nandavaram in Mantralayam constituency.

To ensure security, 10 companies of CAPF teams have been deployed in villages to guard against disturbances. Additional forces from Karnataka are also engaged. Section 30 of the Police Act is in force, and a three-layer security system has been arranged at the strong room where EVMs are stored.

In Kurnool town, there was a verbal fight on polling day between the YSR Congress and Telugu Desam activists at the ZP High School in the Weaker Sections Colony under Panyam constituency.

While the issue was temporarily resolved, locals fear that tensions might flare up after the counting. Police officials are keeping a close watch of the situation there.

In Nandyal, the district police stationed a company of central forces in Allagadda town to monitor the situation. They might deploy another company in Banaganapalle constituency. Some 10-12 companies of various forces were deployed for the polling there. Now, two companies remain there.

There were 321 sensitive polling stations in the district. The police have identified 125 villages where disturbances might arise due to group rivalries. They are focusing attention on Allagadda, Banaganapalle, Nandikotkur and Nandyal town. Police are conducting flag marches and cordon searches in these villages.

In light of a recent incident at Bhuma Akhila Priya’s residence in Allagadda town, where an SUV ran over the bodyguard of TDP candidate Akhila Priya, the police have deployed a company of central forces and arrested two persons.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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