Top sex lies that women tell their partners

Check out the sex lies that she may be getting away with.

Research tells us that women are just guilty as men when it comes to being dishonest to their partners, according to the Daily Mail. And one of the topics that women commonly fib about is – sex. If you are clueless about unlocking the secrets behind your lady love’s mysterious behaviour, better check out the top sex lies that she may be getting away with:

Our sex is as hot as it was in the past

We aren’t saying that sex in long-term relationships is not a fulfilling experience. But saying that the excitement levels have not gone down? Sorry to disappoint you but lust needs the thrill of novelty to keep the embers of passion burning.

Both of us had an orgasm at the same time

‘Coming together’ does sound romantic but sadly, it’s a myth. Simultaneous orgasms are rare because women take much longer than men to get the Big O.

Porn is something I don’t watch

Well, studies show that contrary to what ‘respectable society’ thinks – a whopping 55 per cent of women watch some kind of erotica once a month, 40 per cent view porn on a weekly basis and 96 per cent have even watched it with a partner.

Masturbation is not for me

Obsessing over sex isn’t the sole dominion of the male gender alone. A study conducted by Debbie Herbenick in 2010 from Indiana University revealed that 51.7 per cent of women aged 25 to 29 had masturbated in the last month alone.

I keep my sex problems to myself

Oh, women do talk about sex and research supports this fact. A recent US survey showed that 63 percent of people confessed that they would confide in a third party about a problem in a long-term relationship and 73 per cent claimed that someone had confided in them. Also, about 37.7 per cent of the problems discussed were related to sex.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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