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Six foreplay mistakes you might be committing

Published Jan 17, 2016, 1:50 pm IST
Updated Jan 17, 2016, 1:50 pm IST
Fix these mistakes and enjoy hot sex.
There is a lot more to a female’s body than just her crotch. (Photo: Pinterest)
 There is a lot more to a female’s body than just her crotch. (Photo: Pinterest)

When there is no foreplay, there is just sex. No doubt sex is awesome and you might want it but just sex doesn’t let you experiment with what drives her wild.

Just sex is quite mechanical, however foreplay lets you explore and know what you like and what you don’t.


You often tend to do the same tricks that she might have liked at one point, however repeating it again and again bores her.

Given below are six common foreplay mistakes that you might be committing. Fix these mistakes and enjoy hotter sex.

  • Concentration on just one place

When it comes to sex life, focusing on one thing is something you need to get rid of. It’s good to touch her genitals but explore her entire body. There is a lot more to a female’s body than just her crotch.

Try nibbling, caressing her neck, belly, thighs, wrists. Shower her back with kisses. Touching her non-sexual parts makes you seem generous and attuned to her wants and needs, but it doesn’t have to be all gentle reverence, as per Menshealth.


  • Talking too much?

Yes, the act of foreplay is not just physical, verbal plays an important role too. But there are chances that you might be going overboard. Be careful if you are attempting dirty talks, sometimes what you might say can cause the mood to die quickly.

Be simple and personal. Talk about her body part and tell her how sexy you find it. Describe your crazy fantasies that you want with her.

  • Too fast

At times quick works, but if you try to always rush into things, you are just killing her mood. One shouldn’t every try to rush foreplay if you want to enjoy your sex life. Women usually take time to warm up and get into mood. Research says that the usual time for most women is 15 minutes.


  • Too hard

Another mistake that you might be committing is when you put too much pressure on her sensitive area. “Once you do touch her clitoris or vulva, you have to be gentle,” says Jenny Block, author of Open: Love, Sex & Life in an Open Marriage to Menshealth. “Yes, pressure can be good. But you have to work up to it gradually, and communicate to get it right.”

  • Never skipping it

If you know your partner you know her needs. If your sexual rapport is great, there is no harm in caring your foreplay sessions occasionally outside your bedroom. There are times when you know it’s OK to jump directly to the main event.


  • Not reading her right

Every woman is different as an individual. Some might like your dirty talks while some might not. When she doesn’t like it don’t get irritated move on to your next play. If you people started making out on the carpet or sofa and she is fine making out there, don’t try to shift your act to the bedroom, it just kills the mood.