Popular myths about female orgasms busted

Even women can get carried away by hearsay and end up having some mistaken notions about the Big O.

It’s not just men that seem clueless about giving their lady love an orgasm; even women can get carried away by hearsay and end up having some mistaken notions about the Big O, according to The Health Site. But don’t worry friends; we are going to clear up all that confusion for you by shattering some popular myths about the female orgasm experience:

Vaginal intercourse is the only way for women to reach orgasm

Did you know that only one in three women tends to have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse, according to sexologists? Oral stimulation and/or clitoral stimulation might be the only way for the others to reach the pinnacle of pleasure.

There has to be something wrong with the woman or her partner if there’s no orgasm

Most women may find orgasms elusive for a variety of reasons like lack of awareness, foreplay intensity or simply timing. It is very rare that an inability to have an orgasm could be due to a medical condition. Even if that’s the case, there are plenty of treatment options to choose from.

Only women can and will fake orgasms

It is a popularly held notion that women tend to fake orgasms to protect the ego of their male partner. As is always the case with generalisations, this is far from the truth. Even men end up faking orgasms because they are always expected to climax.

Vibrators can replace men

A vibrator is just a sexual aid and can never be a complete replacement for a male sexual partner. Sexual aids and gadgets are simply a means by which you can improve your sexual performance. No sexual aid can offer you that level of intimacy, warmth and pleasure that a real man can!

Orgasm is the end goal of having sex

Orgasms cannot be achieved if there’s a lot of pressure. In fact, all that stress could have the potential to make sex look as boring as a domestic chore! Stop treating sex and orgasms as projects and deadlines. Understand your body and make an effort to know your partner well. Things will fall perfectly in place after both of you are attuned to each others' needs.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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