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Believe me, UFOs are for real'

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Published on: July 30, 2016 | Updated on: July 30, 2016

The evidence comes from three major sources eyewitness accounts, six official scientific studies and declassified government documents.

Triangle-shaped UFO spotted in Belgium in 1990.

Triangle-shaped UFO spotted in Belgium in 1990.

Sabir Hussain UFO interview excerpts

Are UFOs real? If so where is the evidence?
Unidentified Flying Objects are as real as the Earth going around the Sun. The evidence comes from three major sources – eyewitness accounts, six official scientific studies and declassified government documents. UN statistics state that since the 1940s, 150 million people all over the world have reported seeing UFOs. This includes Air Force generals, astronauts, Prime Minister of a country (Granada), former American Presidents (Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan), officials, scientists, military officers, civilians, military pilots, radar operators, police officers and journalists. The second source is the results of six major official scientific studies on UFOs between 1948 and 1999. They are: 1953 – Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14, 1964 – The UFO Evidence –  Volume 1 And 2 By Richard Hall, 1968 – UFO Symposium by United States Congress, 1969 – Condon Committee Report On UFOs, 1972 – The UFO Experience – A Scientific Enquiry By Allen Hynek, and 1999 – The Cometa Panel UFO Report from France.

The third source is from recently declassified top secret letters and memos exchanged between top generals of the US military and officials. UFO researchers acquired these documents through the Freedom of Information Act. These documents prove that since the 1940s, the US government has been withholding information about the UFO phenomenon, at the same time very serious and secret efforts were made to study these UFOs, retrieve them in secret if they crashed anywhere and reverse engineer their technology. The most sensitive and revealing among them are, 1947 General Twining Memo, 1952 Marshall Chadwell CIA Memo, 1953 Robertson Panel Report, 1966 Condon Committee Trick Memo, 1969 General Bolender Memo, 1966 Malmstrom AFB UFO Intrusion Incident, 1976 UFO Encounter Over Tehran, and 1981 USAF Colonel Charles Halt Memo.

How and why was the UFO phenomenon covered up?
How does one get information about any incident?  Through the media and now internet. So if you want to deny people information or guide their views in a particular direction – like UFOs are not real, then you manipulate the media using two powerful instruments, censorship and propaganda. Censorship is used to create a barrier between the public and the event so that access to the real environment is limited and a pseudo-environment could be created. In this case the real environment refers to local papers reporting true UFO incidents, while the pseudo-environment was created by American intelligence agencies which ensured UFO news remained local and didn’t reach the outside world. For this they used their influence over the American mainstream media.

Why does the West engage in UFO denial and cover-up?
UFOs are the key to radical, clean, green and free energy technologies which will put an end to our fossil fuel addiction and stop global warming and climate change. It will give India and 170 third world countries energy, independence. The total net worth of oil business is around $45 trillion. If one reads Daniel Yergin’s 1992 Pulitzer Prize winning book The Prize: The Epic Quest Oil, Money and Power, he will understand the extraordinary power and influence of the oil industry on global politics. In the US, oil industry has symbiotic ties with the arms industry. Citing protection of Middle-Eastern oil fields and international shipping lanes, the American government spends $650 billion. If the truth gets out both these industries will suffer.

How does one learn the history of UFOs?
One must study the books of Stanton Friedman who explains the science behind the UFOs, UFO historian Richard Dolan who explains the 70-year history of UFO sightings, Robert Hastings’ book UFOs And Nukes to know the main reason for UFOs to come here and Terry Hansen’s The Missing Times that details how the media was exploited to cover up UFOs. My forthcoming book The Accidental Apocalypse will be a beginner’s guide to the UFO phenomenon, outlining what Indians stand to gain out of UFO Disclosure and what they stand to lose if they ignore this UFO phenomenon.

Sabir Hussain is the Director of INSETS – Indian Society for Extraterrestrial Studies and author of Accidental Apocalypse. He can be contacted at Cell – +91-9841376103.

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