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PSLV puts 20 satellites into orbit in one launch

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Published on: June 22, 2016 | Updated on: June 23, 2016

In 2008, Isro had launched 10 satellites with the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

PSLV-C34 on launch pad. (Photo: ISRO)

PSLV-C34 on launch pad. (Photo: ISRO)

Nellore: Isro’s trusty workhorse PSLV proved its mettle once again on Wednesday when it put into orbit a record 20 satellites, including the country's own earth observation satellite Cartosat.

In 2008, Isro had launched 10 satellites with the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. In its 36th flight, the PSLV (C34) injected the 727.5-kg Cartosat-2 series satellite for earth observation and 19 co-passenger satellites that weighed about 560 kg together. The co-passenger satellites were from USA (including one of Google), Canada, Germ-any and Indonesia, as well as two satellites (Sa-thyabamasat and Swa-yam) from Indian University  institutions.

"The PSLV rocket has done its job. We have the current generation ear-th observing Cartosat satellite in place," said Mr A.S. Kiran Kumar, chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation soon after the launch.

According to Isro, the images sent by the Cartosat satellite will be useful for cartographic, urban, rural, coastal la-nd use, water distributi-on and other applications.

The 110-kg SkySat Gen2-1 belonging to Te-rra Bella, a Google subsidiary, is a small earth imaging satellite capable of capturing sub-metre resolution imag-ery and high definition video. The Planet Lab’s Dove satellites are also earth imaging satellites. A total of 12 Dove satellites, each weighing 4.7 kg, were carried in this mission inside three QuadPack dispensers, said Isro source.

The PSLV rocket also put into orbit the 85-kg M3MSat from Canada - a technology demonstration mission jointly fun-ded and managed by De-fence Research and Dev-elopment Canada and the Canadian Space Age-ncy. The other satellites launched were the 120-kg LAPSN-A3 of Indone-sia, the 130-kg BIROS of the German Aerospace Centre, and the 25.5-kg GHGSat-D, Canada.

With the success of Wednesday’s rocket mission, India has successfully launched 74 satellites for international customers.

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