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Saucer stories: All that you see flying aren't UFOs

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Published on: August 21, 2016 | Updated on: August 21, 2016

Ever since the UFO phenomenon started in the 1940s, scientists have analysed and quantified these UFO sightings.

As Friedman points out, all UFOs-Unidentified Flying Objects are not Flying Saucers, but all Flying Saucers are UFOs. (Representational image)

As Friedman points out, all UFOs-Unidentified Flying Objects are not Flying Saucers, but all Flying Saucers are UFOs. (Representational image)

I get lots of calls and emails from readers who want to share their UFO sighting experience with me. For their benefit I would like to explain a few things about UFO sightings.

Of all the sources of information we have about UFOs, eye witness accounts is the largest. But we have to be very careful when dealing with it, because it is also one of the most misleading. Just because you saw something fly in the sky which you couldn't identify, doesn't mean it is a flying saucer from another world. As Friedman points out, all UFOs-Unidentified Flying Objects are not Flying Saucers, but all Flying Saucers are UFOs.

Ever since the UFO phenomenon started in the 1940s highly qualified scientists like Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman, Dr. James McDonald, Dr. James Harder,  Dr. Allen Hynek and NASA engineer Dr. Paul Hill, have analyzed and quantified these UFO sightings scientifically, and provided explanations for them. UFO sightings can be categorized into three groups.

This category deals with cases where people report that they saw an UFO many years or decades after the incident had happened. A gentleman called me from Bangalore to inform that in 1969 he saw an UFO. Whether he is telling the truth or not is immaterial, the fact is he cannot recall the exact date, time or provide corroborative evidence. Not much can be done with these cases.

In this category there is sufficient information is available to scientifically examine the UFO sighting by competent authorities and reveal if the UFO they sighted comes under astronomical phenomena like Planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Artificial satellites, meteors, comets or atmospheric phenomena like Aurora Borealis, ball lightening, reflections from fog or advertising blimps, balloons, clouds, contrails, magnesium flares, migrating birds, paper, debris, kites, insect swarms, leaves, fireworks, swamp gas, window reflections, lights from cars, beacons and lighthouses or unmanned Ariel Vehicles, military test crafts, re-entering satellites and rocket launchings. And finally there are crackpot UFO sighting reports from people suffering from paranoid delusions, overactive imaginations, attention grabbers and hoaxes.

This category is the one that deals with the actual Flying Saucer phenomenon. It deals with objects seen in the skies or ground which cannot be connected or identified with any of the examples mentioned in the IFO - Identifiable Flying Objects category. The most important aspect of this category is the reports are made by very competent, reliable observers like highly trained pilots- both military and civilian, Military and civilian radar operators, commanders of nuclear missile bases, Generals, Astronauts, Astronomers, police officers, high ranking government officials, journalists, and well known scientists.

The flight pattern of these crafts, clearly prove that they are products of a more advanced intelligence. For example in just a fraction of a second they could cover 10 kilometers. They frequently exhibited the ability to fly straight up and hover, and go forward and backward without making any sound. In some incidents by using some kind of EMP waves (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) they have disabled the missile firing mechanism in a fighter plane (1976 Tehran) and nuclear missiles in American ICBM bases (Montana 1966 and 1975).

If one is interested in seeking the truth about the UFO phenomenon then they must study the Unknowns or UFO category in the six Scientific Studies conducted on the subject since 1948, five in America one in France. By analyzing them scientifically we can get a clear picture of the UFO phenomenon.

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The writer is the Director of INSETS-Indian Society for Extraterrestrial Studies and author of ACCIDENTAL APOCALYPSE. He can be contacted at

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