Patralekha Chatterjee | Climate crisis to be India’s biggest threat this century

One reason wheat prices have shot up has to do with the intense heatwave that struck parts of India from March

Mohan Guruswamy | How Hindus and Muslims misunderstood secularism

Sensitivity to each other’s feelings and aspirations has to be a mutual affair

Which is the real ‘War on the West’? By Putin & Trump, or the ‘woke’ guys?

Indian historians have been rewriting and telling the truth about colonial history for at least a century


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The writer, an author, former diplomat and is in politics.
Suchi Govindarajan works as a technical writer, and pretends to be a photographer.
Dr Narayana Reddy answers your queries on sex, sexuality and relationships
In his words: "I am just a professional writer, which means I don't do blogs and try and get money for whatever I write."