Mystic Mantra: Clear vision dictates sound action

Our response to the varied situations life presents is determined by our vision. We cannot imitate others.

Edison, the famous scientist, had set up a very expensive laboratory, which one day caught fire. There was no panic. Instead, he called up his wife and said, “Please come, you will not get to see such a spectacle again!” After that he went home and slept peacefully. An objective attitude helps greatly. However, to keep calm in the face of misfortune requires mental strength. Once, I met a young girl who had lost both her legs. The centre of everyone’s sympathy, she remained completely unfazed. Smiling from her wheelchair, she confidently declared, “In two weeks I will get artificial limbs and begin to walk again.” This just proves that some can remain calm in the face of even great trauma. Like the man, who having lost everything in a financial crash, said to his friend, “I came empty handed into this world and shall leave empty handed.”

Situations in life demand decisions. Theoretically, life could present several options, but one must choose a practical course, within one’s reach and follow it up with action. Just do it! The choice will depend on one’s vision of life; a spiritual outlook will differ.

We find it difficult to break an attachment with loving and kind people and it is much easier to break a bond with someone whose conduct is disturbing. Wisdom is in not having expectations from anyone, because the only one we can truly depend upon is the Lord — our sole well-wisher and friend. Our response to the varied situations life presents is determined by our vision. We cannot imitate others. Aman once tried to imitate Jesus Christ. When he was slapped once, he turned the other cheek. However, when slapped on the other cheek, he retaliated with a hard smack. On being asked why he was not following Christ, he said, “Jesus said turn the other cheek when you are hit. But he did not say what to do when the other cheek is also slapped. So, I gave it back.” Imitation cannot stand the test of a crisis. This is when our true nature is revealed. How long can we remain indecisive? Consider the various standpoints, take decisions with clarity about the vision, goal and values. Don’t be doubtful. Arrange matters in accordance with the end result. However, be ready for all consequences — conducive or otherwise.

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