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Mystic Mantra: Inventions of God

Published Jul 24, 2018, 7:32 am IST
Updated Jul 24, 2018, 7:52 am IST
The brain is like a computer which performs many functions. (Photo: AFP)
 The brain is like a computer which performs many functions. (Photo: AFP)

No matter what religious background we come from, we all are taught that God is the Creator. It is from Him that the entire universe came into being. It is He who created humanity and all forms of life. Considering this fact alone should be enough for us to realize that we are but small specks in the entire scheme of creation. He is all, and we are but tiny insignificant beings. Yet few of us realize this. If we examine our thoughts, how many times do we think of God as our Creator? How many times do we thank Him for our life? How many times do we realize He is the giver of everything we have? Few people go through their day-to-day lives remembering Him and His gifts. We are so absorbed in this panorama of life, we have forgotten all about God. True, we say mechanical prayers to Him either at our places of worship or before eating. True, we remember Him when we want Him to save us from a calamity or from serious illness. But most of the time we hardly give Him a thought. In modern times, forgetting God has become so serious that some people have even denied His existence. There are people who are atheists, who do not believe God exists. For many years, scientists removed God from their view of the universe because He could not be verified by their scientific instrumentation.

We can see how far our ego can get the better of us. Some scientists propagate theories that the entire universe has either sprung up as some accident or some fluke nature. There is the dust particle theory that this whole universe came into being from dust particles. In trying to trace humanity’s roots, some scientists have even removed God from the picture, as if we sprang from nothingness.
There are some enlightened scientists who have begun to question how such a perfectly designed universe and such a complex, well-planned organism as a human being could come about through chance. There have been great scientists who do believe that only an intelligent Creator could design this universe, nature, and all forms of life, including human beings. Those who delve into the intricacies of nature and are in awe of it have the humility to recognize there is some higher power responsible for the universe. A majority of human beings, though, go through life unaware of the invisible Creator. This results in placing too much importance on the individual self and our personal capabilities and powers.

Many think that the brain is the seat of thinking. But there is a difference between the mind and the brain. The brain is like a computer which performs many functions. But it is the mind that controls the brain. The mind is a product of the causal plane of creation. This region consists of a mixture of spirit and matter. With the mind in control, many of our decisions and actions in this world are based on meeting the mind’s desires and wishes. Because the object of the mind is to keep us enslaved to the world, it controls our thoughts, words, and deeds. The soul, having forgotten itself, goes along with the mind. As we grow up, we learn how to speak and how to act in our given culture.

As the mind creates new ideas and new inventions to change and improve the world, it thinks it is the doer. It has totally forgotten that the colors of the palette it uses to paint have been created by God Himself. It forgets that the notes of the scale that it uses to compose songs are of God’s own making. It forgets that the wonderful brain it uses to communicate with the world is also a creation of God. We are so full of pride of knowledge, of how much we know, of how creative we are, of how inventive we are, that we have forgotten that the tools we use are inventions of God.




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