Mystic Mantra: Restore balance of nature

Human ego is always in conflict with others, and we cannot expect others also to be without ego

Two thousand year ago in China, when Tao was being widely accepted by the seekers of truth, someone asked the great Tao mystic Chuang Tzu, “We have heard that a man of Tao can walk through walls without obstruction, why?”
Osho explains this mysterious phenomenon today. If you don’t have any obstruction within you, no obstruction can obstruct you. This is the rule. If you have no resistance within you, in your heart, the whole world is open for you. There is no resistance. The world is just a reflection, it is a big mirror; if you have resistance, then the whole world has resistance.

This may seem to be very difficult for our ego to understand, but it is a fact. Human ego is always in conflict with others, and we cannot expect others also to be without ego. This is the reason that the world is full of violence. And a violent man is violent only towards others, he is violent towards nature also.

The man of ego is always fighting not only with other fellow men but his environment also. This fight has disturbed and killed his own inner ecology, and as a result, the outer ecology has also been destroyed on a large scale.

Explaining about this constant conflict and the vicious circle it creates, Osho adds: “Fight will give you a stronger ego. It will shape you. So fight the mother, fight the father, fight the teacher, fight the society. Life is struggle. The Eastern consciousness says: No individuality, no ego, no fight; become one with the mother; there is no enemy, the question is not of conquering. Science seems to be a struggle, a fight with nature: how to break the lock, how to open the secrets, how to grab the secrets from nature. The Tao, Zen and Dhamma consciousness, which has been nourished and flourished in the Eastern countries, was totally different. The mystics of the Eastern consciousness observe that ego is the problem, understand it and drop it. Do not let it become stronger. Guru Nanak proclaimed: “Be as humble as the grass and you would not be harmed during the strongest storms while the big trees will be felled”. Jesus also meant the same when he said: “Blessed are the poor because they shall inherit the kingdom of God”.

Osho says again and again to be natural. Do not fight with existence. Do not strengthen your ego. Love the inner and the outer nature. The nature will open your treasures to you if you are friendly towards it. Love nature, and nature gives you her secrets.

Love is the key. Conquering is absurd. So what has happened in the West? This conquering has destroyed the whole of nature. So now there is a cry for ecology, how to restore the balance. We have destroyed nature completely, because we have open all the locks and we have destroyed the whole balance. And now through that imbalance humanity will die sooner or later.”

The enlightened master reminds us and warns us: “The world is being poisoned very slowly. The rivers are being polluted, the oceans are being polluted, the lakes are dying. Nature is being destroyed. We are exploiting the earth so much that sooner or later we will not be able to live on it. We are not behaving well with nature. Our whole approach is wrong, it is destructive. We only take from the earth, and we never give anything back. We only exploit nature. The ecology is broken, the circulation is broken; we are not living in a perfect circle, and nature is a perfect circle. If you take from one hand and you give from another, you don’t destroy it. But we are doing it; we only go on taking, and all the resources are being spent. But this poisoning is happening slowly. And then there are politicians who go on gathering more and more atomic weapons — more atom bombs, more hydrogen bombs, super-hydrogen bombs — as if man has decided to commit suicide.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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