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Kishwar Desai, is the chair of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust, which is setting up the Partition Museum at Town Hall, Amritsar.

Prince Harry can do what he likes

Published Apr 17, 2017, 5:17 am IST
Updated Apr 17, 2017, 6:37 am IST
Prince William and Kate Middleton will also stay at her parent’s home — so this promises to be a big fat English wedding.
Prince Harry (Photo: AP)
 Prince Harry (Photo: AP)

To unabashedly proclaim the values of Christianity — even on Easter — could, if we take the usual secular line, project the UK as a Christian country I suppose. But what can a vicar’s daughter do? The early upbringing of Prime Minister Theresa May comes clearly through when she said in her Easter message: “This Easter, I think of those values that we share — values that I learnt in my childhood, growing up in a vicarage.”

“Values of compassion, community, citizenship. The sense of obligation we have to one another.”


However, all of it rings true, doesn’t it?

No one can argue with the sentiment expressed. It might come as no surprise that Jeremy Corbyn (who is reputedly an atheist) also put forth an Easter message, which somehow just did not resonate as much because if you are not a believer, what would be the use?

But it is also time for Ms May to be undoubtedly a little pleased because for the first time the polls show that the Tories are an incredible 21 points ahead of Labour.

The fact that Ms May is proving to be popular as a PM is a little hard to swallow for those who might have preferred a quick election, following David Cameron’s resignation. But now that she is determinedly going ahead with Brexit, her credibility is at an all time high.


And it is interesting that the only “scandal” so far has been the price of the clothes she wears. So Ms May has shown us all that she jolly well can.

Weddings! At last Pippa Middleton is only weeks away from saying “I do”!

Since the Pippa derriere is now old news — much of the attention will be on the bridesmaid and page boy — Charlotte and George, her Royal niece and nephew. Prince William and Kate Middleton will also stay at her parent’s home — so this promises to be a big fat English wedding. And the two toddlers will be the main attraction perhaps!


The hedge fund millionaire — James Mathews (whom Pippa will wed at St Mark’s Church, Englefield) also comes from an entrepreneurial family — very alike the Middletons, who have grown a mail order business called Party Pieces, from which they have earned millions. At one time they were flight attendants on British Airways — which sounds like a long haul back!

So this is definitely one family that has done very well for itself.

But another member of the extended family, Prince Harry, is still at the wooing stage, and the press cannot get enough of his latest romantic rendezvous with Meghan Markle the Canada-based actress. Harry has been lately spotted, duffle bag slung over his shoulder, sneaking into her apartment incognito. But nothing escapes the British press, which is willing to pay thousands of pounds for just such a photograph.


Poor Harry! Little did he imagine that as he stepped out of a car in Toronto, wearing an all-concealing baseball cap that the media would immediately snap the moment!

Now, of course, everyone will be waiting for the grand announcement because the word is out that “Harry is serious”. At last! Because I have honestly lost count of the ladies he likes!

The interesting thing is that no one seems to mind about Meghan being older than him, or the fact that she is an actress. Perhaps being not the “heir” but the “spare” has its own advantages. Now that William has found Miss Perfect, Harry can do what he likes. What a relief!


At last a TV series on a genius which is long overdue. Based on Walter Isaacson’s 2007 biography, Einstein: His Life and Universe, National Geographic has commissioned a biopic on Einstein — delving deep into not just his scientific discoveries — but also his personal life, creating a very human character. A particular focus will be given to his younger years — played in the series by Johnny Flynn.

For instance, his relationship with his first wife, Mileva Maric (played by Samantha Colley) is also being explored more thoroughly. A scientist in her own right, she, however, was not able to pursue her own career. His second wife, Elsa, (Emily Watson) was not just his first cousin but also someone who was fairly content and supportive. (That sounds depressingly like the secret to making a marriage work!) We will also encounter Einstein’s own guilt at having survived the war when so many of his contemporaries were not so fortunate.
Why is it that we are so curious about the personal lives of others, specially famous people? Is it deep-rooted voyeurism — or just a need to know that they suffer as much as others? I prefer to think that it is because we draw inspiration from these personal tales, which is why I am tempted to not just read, but also write biographies!
Cannot wait to see!