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Mystic Mantra: Let mind abide in the speech

Published Sep 11, 2017, 12:46 am IST
Updated Sep 11, 2017, 12:46 am IST
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While browsing Osho books my attention was caught by one line which hit the nail on the head: “The world would be a more silent and peaceful place if people were only saying five per cent of what they are saying now. Although that five per cent will cover absolutely everything that is essential.” What a great insight!  All the confusion, misunderstanding and apologies arising out of it occur because we say unnecessary things; in fact, most of the people do not speak, they cathart. They have to release their pent up emotions and throw it on someone. Having a relevant, meaningful conversation is a coveted art which is mastered by very few.  And fewer people watch and weigh their words before they open their mouth. Words are not dead stones, they are power houses, they are independent entities. They have their own nature, culture and personality. There are some words that touch your feelings and some words that instigate your intellect. The intellectual words immediately create conflict. The moment you utter them, argument arises. So for a productive conversation try not to use a logical, argumentative language. Use the language of affection, of caring, of love, so that  no argument arises. A simple shift like saying, “I feel”, instead of “I think” will get amazing results.

There is a statement in Nirvana Upanishad, “Let the mind abide in the speech.” It is a beautiful way of saying, “speak mindfully”. Neither less nor more. Speaking should not be a compulsion or a need to connect with someone to escape your loneliness.  Try these Osho exercises to make your speech more energised: speak only the essential — as if you are writing a telegram, or to use a modern analogy, as if you are writing a text message on your smart phone.  Smart guys have devised a new language to shorten the length of the text, like “u r gr8.”  It is a great play that can be used in verbal communication too. The fewer the words the more condensed they become and the more they convey your meaning. As if each word carries ammunition that can explode the mind. 

Another technique is to be practiced as a preparation for speaking. Practice relaxation on three layers — body, mind and the heart.  You can give auto suggestion while doing your daily chores, “Relax... I am relaxing... I am relaxed”.  Your body is busy working but you are with yourself, practising relaxation. It is a wonderful experience.  If you can find some time to just be with yourself you will find your energy is replenished, your mind is rejuvenated. You will use your energy economically. You will not think, say or do anything that is not necessary. As the leakage of energy stops and you will become a reservoir of energy.



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