Mystic Mantra: Observe and awaken your intelligence

The one who is watching the thoughts is your wakeful intelligence.

The journey of our life seems to be a very strange journey, which begins in deep unconsciousness as a new born child who does not know why the birth has happened. For his existence and his survival, the child is utterly dependent on the people who look after him and teach him to live their own particular way. The child himself does not know what is the right way. What is being taught to him in, becomes the right way of living. Society around him does not allow his own intelligence to unfold or grow and he becomes fully burdened with a certain conditioning imposed by the people surrounding him. This becomes a long journey of social conditioning, an imitation and a borrowed life.

It is the role of an enlightened master, a Sadguru, if we are fortunate to come across in our life, to guide us to awaken our inner intelligence and remind us of our true self. With him it becomes a new journey of awakening, realising our potential on the path of meditation. Ordinarily, within us we have two currents — one is of thoughts, which is very dominant. The other current, which we rarely feel, is the current of watchfulness. The enlightened master Osho tells us the distinction. An ordinary man has one current of thought within him, the watcher is asleep; the meditator has two parallel currents within him, thought and watching. Within an enlightened person only one current remains, that is watching.

Thinking has died. But because you have to learn watching from a state of thinking, you will have to meditate on thought and watching side by side. If we have to move from thought to watching, we will have to meditate on thought and watching simultaneously. Osho calls it right-observation or right-remembrance. Mahavira has called it ‘wakeful intelligence’; mindfulness and wakeful intelligence. The one who is watching the thoughts is your wakeful intelligence. It is very easy to find thinkers, but it is difficult to find someone whose intelligence is awake. Awaken your intelligence. I have told you how to awaken it — by watching your thoughts with awareness. If you watch the actions of the body, the body will disappear; if you watch your racing thoughts, the thought process, then the thoughts will disappear; and if you observe your emotions closely, then the emotions will disappear. I have said that for the purification of emotions, allow love to come in place of hatred and friendship in place of enmity. Now I tell you to also be aware of this truth: there is a dimension behind the one who is loving and the one who is hating, which is just awareness — which neither loves nor hates. It is simply a witness. It sometimes watches hatred and sometimes watches love happening, but it is simply watching.

( Source : Columnist )
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