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Mystic Mantra: Be blank page

Published Apr 5, 2016, 12:39 am IST
Updated Apr 5, 2016, 12:39 am IST
Try to look the farthest into the sky and see how poor your vision is.
 Try to look the farthest into the sky and see how poor your vision is.

Every creature, no matter how small or big, is in a relationship with the rest of creation and also with the source of creation. If there is already an inevitable relationship, what can you do? Just change the quality of the relationship. You can sit here cursing the earth or you can sit and bless it, because it is giving you a piece of place to sit down upon. There is a big difference in how you handle a relationship.

It is about changing the relationship. The whole spiritual process is about moving your relationship with existence from one that is physical, mental or emotional — which will leave marks and never allow you to have an empty page — into an etheric state, where your relationship is far deeper and much more profound, but subtle in such a way that you can play any kind of cinema on it. The moment it is off, it is off; not a trace left behind.

How do you change your relationship with existence and with the creator? You need to understand that this relationship is not out of choice. Whichever way, you have to hold on to a relationship; you cannot help it. Can you sit here not connected with any aspect of creation or the creator? You may be unaware of it, but there is no way — unless you transcend everything that is absolutely physical. You don’t have to try to hold a relationship.

Fifty per cent of the problem is solved. The other half is very simple — you do not make too much of yourself. You constantly see how small a creature you are in this existence. Look at the mountain, look at the sky and see how small you are.
Try to look the farthest into the sky and see how poor your vision is. Like this, put yourself in the right place. I am not saying depreciate yourself, I am asking you to be realistic as to who you are in this creation.

You don’t have to appreciate or lie to yourself. Simply see what is your place in this existence and constantly keep reminding yourself: “This is all I am, a speck of nothing in nothing”. Who you are, what you think of yourself, your greatness — does not mean anything. Even if you disappear tomorrow morning, the whole world will be fine. It’s same for you, for me and for everyone. Once people come to terms with this, they will live more intelligently.




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