DC Edit | J&K attack: Call polls swiftly

The ambush of an Indian Air Force convoy in the Surankote area of Jammu & Kashmir’s Poonch district is just another cruel reminder that the threat of terrorism is always present. The tragic event in which one IAF personnel died, and others injured, as terrorists opened heavy fire with assault rifles highlights the security challenge in the Valley.

Statistics of terror attacks and the fatalities suffered in them including the gunning down of militants who cross over with the blessings of Pakistan’s ISI in the last five years, may indicate an improvement of sorts in terms of declining number of incidents. But they cannot comfort the families of those martyrs who give up their lives for no reason other than terror exported by a prickly neighbour to meddle in Indian affairs.

It is preposterous that partisan politics should dictate that anyone, least of all a former CM of Punjab, cast aspersions on the incident being a staged one. An extensive hunt for two Pakistanis who may have carried out the operation is proof enough that the major source of terror in the Valley still lies across the border and the life of a serviceman is the price India must unfortunately pay for its vigil against the evil designs of motivated terrorism.

As the Valley slips into election season and Poonch goes to the polls on May 25, it was always on the cards that forces across the border would try to sow discord by triggering an event like this. And yet the democratic process must go on, despite the threats that may abound.

In fact, the successful conduct of the Lok Sabha poll would be a precursor to the state elections that must be held in Jammu and Kashmir to restore democratic rule, notwithstanding the success of a heightened security awareness under Delhi rule, which has reportedly brought down the incidence of terror in the Valley.

Regardless of who comes to power after the 2024 polls, the restoration of democratic rule in J&K must be a priority and preferably met by the top court’s deadline of September 30. No one’s commitment to this principle should waver because of security concerns.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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