DC Edit | India indeed a global force for good

29 November 2022

All Indians must, beyond their domestic political calling or partisan or ideological leanings, be thrilled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s declaration of both intent, and capacity, of India, as part of its presidency of G20, focus on global good and provide insights to the entire globe of our country, its diversity, its resilience and focus on sustainable and equitable progress, as an example, and a fountainhead for healing the wounds of humanity.

During his Mann ki Baat broadcast, Prime Minister Modi aptly reflected, that the G20 presidency arrives as a big opportunity for India, and fortuitously during the Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal 75th anniversary of our country’s freedom from colonialism and imperialism, an anniversary that reminds us of our tryst with destiny.

As the Prime Minister pointed out, India is indeed an exemplar for global good and world welfare across several areas, including peace and unity, sensitivity towards environment and sustainable development, and managing inequalities and diversities with humane pragmatism, respect for human rights and building rapid capacities to massively alleviate human suffering and extreme poverty.

India stands not only as an example for being a right standing democracy, despite its faults, challenges and vulnerable faultiness, in a world where democracy, universal human rights, free elections, free press and basic freedoms are denied and unimaginable for large chunks of mankind.

India also stands as a good example of creating its own model, wherein free markets, globalisation and technological disruptions are creating new frontiers of possibility, of wealth, of change, but at the same time, social commitments to removing social evils, reforming mindsets and setting a reference for fair equity through affirmative action, decentralised and local democracy is worthy of global study and can act as a benchmark.

Educational institutions must lap up the clarion call by the Prime Minister to create platforms to discuss and debate the G20 opportunity and make it a great year for the country, and the world.


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